SureSet EURO 2016 samples

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Posted 24th June 2016 by Ben Shave


SureSet samples are one of our most effective marketing tools and they are all made in-house.

Until recently, Ray – who has been with us for 12 years – worked part time making every single sample we send out to customers. Due to extending our product range and a rise in demand, we recruited Ainslie last year to increase sample production.

In the last 12 months we have produced a staggering 20,742 sample discs – ploughing our way through approximately 2.7 tonnes of aggregate!

Our samples are made in petri dishes using 3mm, 6mm and 10mm sized stones in either an open, closed or medium texture. The different sizes and textures of the samples indicate the application for which they will be suitable i.e. driveway, tree pit, patio etc.

We also make bespoke samples when requested – either in a larger size or a one-off design.

It’s really fascinating to see a sample made in the beginning of talks with our client end up as a real installation several months later – just like this beach theme installed for a customer in London.

We also make ‘feature’ samples to raise money for charity, like our Poppy and Christmas samples.

Our latest ‘feature’ creations are the flags for all the football teams taking part in UEFA EURO 2016. Each staff member who took part in the sweepstake received the sample flag of their chosen team.

Just as our normal samples these Euro samples will be found on desks and coffee tables being used as coasters.

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