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Posted 26th September 2014 by Jim Newton


The number of people ordering our DIY Kit is at an all time high – we are delighted to report a 51% increase in sales on this time last year.

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, smaller projects or detailed feature work, our permeable resin bound paving DIY Kit contains easy to follow instructions that cover preparation, mixing, laying and after care, without the need for expensive equipment.

In a DIY Kit you’ll find enough specially formulated resin and aggregate to complete an area ½m² to a depth of 16mm – perfect for garden pathways and patios and ideal for creating your own unique patterns.

The result is a surface that:

Looks great – no weeds, no puddles
Is eco-friendly – because its permeable qualities allows water to drain through
Is virtually maintenance free


We thought you would like to know how the steps turned out. Easy to do, exactly as detailed in your paperwork. My steps face east and I am very pleased that in spite of the harsh winter weather they still look great and feel very good underfoot.

One of the days during the freeze-up before Xmas when the road was actually ice bound there was no hint of any problems with adhesion of surface to steps.
DIY Kit used on residential steps in South Belmont

DIY Kit prices start from as little as £37.50/kit including standard delivery (plus VAT). Please email or call our Sales Team on 01985 841180 for more information.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers

What do I do if it’s not curing?
Once mixed SureSet can take up to 24 hours to cure, depending on air and surface temperatures. If the material has not cured after 48 hours please contact SureSet for advice.

What happens if I don’t mix it properly?
If the resin and aggregate are not mixed thoroughly and the aggregate particles are not fully coated, it can cause a shortened life expectancy of the product. There is also a risk of a build up of resin and fine aggregates – this can cause foaming which will result in blisters within the finished surface after curing.

What happens if I can’t finish my project in one day?
When working over more than one day it is normal to install/allow for a day joint within the surface. This is done by securing an edge at the intended place for a day joint, using a timber joint which can be removed the following day, or forming a permanent edge using aluminium square edge profiles which are available from us.

What must the weather conditions be?
Weather conditions should be dry, and above 50°c, with a relative humidity of less than

How long do I have to work with the material?
Once mixed you have around 10-20 minutes of ‘playing time’ per kit – after this time the float can burnish the surface.

What edging can I use?
SureSet can be laid up against most edges such as brick, timber, stainless steel or aluminium, lawn, patio slabs or directly up against walls.

Do I need to protect the edging?
It is advisable to mask all edging where possible to reduce the risk of staining from SureSet resin and associated tools.
You can watch our video about installing DIY Kits on our YouTube channel.

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