SureSet celebrates being 20

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Posted 17th March 2017 by Ben Shave


To celebrate our Birthday, we thought we would share 20 facts about SureSet.  

Some you may know, others may be a surprise – either way, we hope you find them interesting!

  1. SureSet was established in 1997 in Sutton veny, Wiltshire.
  2. Longbridge Trading Estate, where we are based, was originally a camp built in the 1940s to house soldiers. The 83rd Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion United States Army moved in in 1943, where they remained until the D Day landings.
  3. Our paving blends are formulated using a combination of stone chippings of different types, sizes and physical characteristics and a clear polymer resin.
  4. We have 75 colours in our standard ranges.
  5. The number of SureSet staff has risen from five (in 1997) to 36.
  6. Sutton Veny is a village and civil parish in the Wylye Valley and situated around two miles from the town of Warminster located between Bath and Salisbury.
  7. We moved from the residential to the commercial sector in 1998.
  8. In 2001 we relocated to larger premises, on the same Trading Estate in Sutton Veny, Wiltshire.
  9. We launched our DIY Kit® in 2002.
  10. Our Approved Installer scheme was set up in 2004.
  11. In 2006, we installed our first international project.
  12. Our first Tweet was in April 2009.
  13. We developed our own method of colouring recycled glass in 2013 which means we can create just about any colour you need.
  14. When SureSet was established, our guarantee was two years – it’s now 18.
  15. Of the three men who set up SureSet, Kevin Weston is our CEO, Peter Watts our ‘Founder’ and Mike Newton is retired and co-owner of StoneSet permeable paving in Australia.
  16. Of the 131,017 people who visited our website in 2016 – just one of those was from the Solomon Islands.
  17. There are 47 downloadable documents on our website, including specifications and manuals.
  18. In 2016 we sent out more than 28,000 samples of SureSet resin bound paving.
  19. Our most popular colour is Barley Beach.
  20. We have 42 Approved Installers based throughout the UK.

We are now looking forward to our 21st Birthday in 2018!



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