Stand out paving ideas…..

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Posted 18th July 2019 by georgiawood


Stand out paving ideas…

Looking to make your home stand out from the crowd?

Have you ever thought of putting the number or name of your house within the driveway?

Well with our Resin Bound product this will be a possibility; our product is so versatile we can include a design when installing the Resin Bound surfacing. We can create a unique design to your specification.


We can create borders around the driveway or simple patterns in the middle of your project. With our vast range of aggregates and colours we can help you create something beautiful and personal to you. This will still mean the driveway will be fully permeable and UV Stable so the colour of the stones will not change over time.

Having a personal design within the Resin Bound surfacing will give any property a unique and “stand outlook”. This can also be in your garden, on a pathway or patio area, somewhere you spend a lot of time, so making it personal and fun can make being outside even more enjoyable.

Having a step up to your front door can also be turned into something more personal like a Resin Bound welcome mat, one mat you don’t have to worry about being blown away in the wind.
For a customer in Kent, we included the name of their home within the resin bound patio “Villa Oliva” this also included an Olive tree above the name. This looks fantastic and gives the patio such a distinct look and finishes off the exterior of their home perfectly to match in with the look of their house.

We also completed patterns and animal paw prints for a commercial project at the Butterfly Farm in Stratford-upon-Avon.

“Whilst photographing our installation team and the completed project, following the pathway around the building really gave visitors a different feel to their experience, it brings an element of play too, I also noticed children walking round the Butterfly Farm found the unique prints fascinating and enjoyable.”

Georgia Wood – Customer Relations Manager at SureSet.

If you would like to have a go yourself we do offer DIY Kits, these are easy to use. No experience is required making them ideal for small paving projects or incorporating designs in a larger project. You can see our vast colour range and purchase them from our brand new online shop –

It’s adventurous to be a little different, and we all have a creative side, why not try creating something unique to your outside space, whether it be your driveway, garden, pathway or patio area.

Let’s take a look at a few more stand-out paving ideas that might inspire you to transform your outdoor space. 

The Chequered Effect 

The chequered or chessboard style is one of the most traditional and effective paving designs. It’s usually created with square tiles or paving stones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same effect with SureSet and aluminium or stainless-steel edging. 

One idea is to use two different aggregates, such as the Sterling White and Midnight from our natural aggregate range, to create contrasting squares of paving. Another idea is to pave alternate squares with SureSet, and to use a completely different material, such as loose gravel or planted grass, in the free squares. 

Dull Tones And Bright Colours 

You can achieve a truly stunning effect by combining dull tones with a burst of colour. There are several ways in which you can do this. One way is to pave the area with a dull or neutral shade of SureSet, such as the white-grey Astro Peake from our range of luxury crushed marble aggregate, and to offset it with brightly coloured edging of brick, stone, or wood that has been painted a bright and cheerful shade of red.  

Another way is to keep the paving and edging neutral, and to bring in pops of colour in other ways. For example, you could use brightly coloured garden furniture, planters, accessories, garden ornaments, or flowering plants.

 Eden Girls School

Little Details To Delight You 

It’s said that the devil is in the details, but with this stand-out paving idea, the delight’s in the little details that you can work into your path, patio, or driveway. This is a fantastic idea for areas in which you don’t necessarily want a large area of coloured paving. 

To implement it, choose a neutral or natural tone from our SureSet paving range, whether it’s from the natural aggregates, crushed or rounded marbles, or another selection. When paving the area, leave small spaces here and there where you can add elements of colour and texture using paving from our Spectrum, Fusion, or Recycled materials ranges, or using cement and mosaic tiles, glass marbles, or tumbled semi-precious stones. The idea is to create small elements of visual interest. 

An Outdoor Rug Look 

You can create the look of having an outdoor rug made of paving by pairing complementary colours of our permeable resin-bound paving. For example, if you’re paving your patio, use the lighter colour to create a central rectangle, and then use the darker colour to border the rectangle. The overall effect will be that of a light-coloured rug laid over a floor of darker paving. 

It’s adventurous to be a little different, and we all have a creative side. So, why not try creating something unique to your outside space, whether it be your driveway, garden, pathway or patio area? 

Contact us with your idea and together we can create something different.

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