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Posted 11th February 2015 by Hugh Haines

We are delighted to report a massive 400% increase in TradePack sales during the first six months of this financial year (August 2014 – January 2015).

We will be sharing the joy by giving away hand floats with every TradePack order we receive before February 28.

Listening carefully to customer feedback, we developed TradePack specifically so that builders and experienced tradesmen could use our high quality resin bound materials in their own projects.

Each of our TradePacks contain 6mm sized bagged natural aggregate and enough resin to install an area of 30m² at a depth of 16mm.

Delivering a permeable, durable, UV stable, low maintenance surface with no loose stone, TradePacks are available in our most popular colours: Sterling, Barley Beach, and Norwegian Pearl. Delivered palletised, shrink-wrapped and with a 40-litre bucket and paddle whisk attachment (drill not included) for mixing, TradePack prices start from £1,200.00. To request samples or delivered prices, email our Sales Team or give them a call on 01985 841180.

Some FAQ’s about our TradePack

How long does the material take to cure?

Once mixed the SureSet resin can take up to 24 hours to cure, depending on the air and surface temperatures. If the material has not cured after 48 hours please contact us for advice.

What happens if I don’t mix it properly?
It can result in early failure of the product. There is also a risk of a build up of resin and fine aggregates which can cause foaming of the resin which produces blisters and whitening of the cured surface.

What happens if I can’t finish my project in one day?
If you are working over more than one day you should plan for a ‘day joint’. You can do this by forming a temporary neat edge with a timber batten – this can be removed the next day and fresh material laid up against it.

How long do I have to work with the material?
Once mixed, you have approximately 10 – 20 minutes of working time, after which, the material will start to stiffen (cure). Once this happens further use of the float may mark the surface.

What edging can I use?
SureSet can be laid up against almost any type of edging, such as bricks, paving slabs, timber, stainless steel or aluminium edging, lawn, or directly up against walls.

A permanent edge can be created using aluminium square edge profiles which are available from SureSet.

Do I need to protect the edging?
We advise the masking of all edging where possible to reduce the risk of staining from the resin and damage from tools.

Is there a shelf life on the resin?
Providing the TradePack is stored in a cool, dry place it can be stored for up to six months.

What must the weather conditions be?
Weather conditions should be dry, and above 5⁰C, with a relative humidity of less than 85%.

What happens if water or rain gets on the surface before it has fully cured?
Your TradePack should not be laid on a wet surface, if it is raining, or it is forecast to rain before it is fully cured (which can be up to 24hrs).

If water does come into contact with uncured material, it will very likely cause damage to the SureSet; causing the resin to foam and change the appearance of the finished surface. This cannot be remedied unless the whole area affected is replaced.

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