Resin Paving/Driveway Scams And How To Avoid Them

In an industry that should be characterised by professionalism, there are unfortunately always crooks that want to part people from their hard-earned money through resin paving driveway scams. Sadly, scammers and amateur “experts” with questionable working practices are on the rise, so it’s important that you know how to identify and avoid them. Find out more with .

Common Paving Construction Scams

Many scammers responsible for paving-related construction scams have the same modus operandi. Take a quick look at one of the most common scams, which isn’t limited to driveways, but may also involve patios.

The door-to-door salesman approach is one of the most common ways that scammers use to find unsuspecting victims. In most cases, a workman will knock on your door and point out a problem with your driveway. He’ll probably go on to tell you that he was working on another customer’s driveway in the neighbourhood, has some leftover materials, and can fix the problem at a reduced price, with this special offer being available today only – and he’ll try to pressure you into making a hasty decision. If you agree, he’ll probably ask you to pay upfront. If you hand your money over to him, you’ll either be left with substandard work (and more damage), or you’ll simply never see that rogue trader or your money again.

How to Avoid Patio and Driveway Scams

The common patio and driveway scam described above is a good starting point for learning how to avoid falling victim to dodgy dealings. Let’s explore this in more detail.

1. Watch Out For Cheap Quotations

Whether a construction fraud turns up at your door and offers you a cheap quotation that sounds almost too good to be true, or you receive a quote from a company you contact online, don’t accept it immediately. Chances are the quote is too good to be true. Be sure to shop around and compare prices before committing to buying. If you choose the cheapest quote, you’ll probably end up getting what you pay for – substandard products and below-par workmanship.

A advertises prices online, and when our team makes a consultation visit or discusses the project with you via email or telephone, we talk about prices per metre. When discussing the project, be as specific as possible so we know what to include in your quotation.

2. Do Your Homework Online and Look For Reviews

Do some homework before accepting a random quote from a stranger on your doorstep or from the first company you approach. Doing some research can help you to avoid patio and driveway scams involving resin bound paving.

Does the company or tradesman have a website? If so, how long has the website and the company been operating? Check the website for case studies and customer reviews. You should also check for reviews of the company on consumer complaint forums and Google Reviews online. If the company you approach or which approached you is a Limited Company, check Companies House for information on them. You may also find it helpful to check whether the company is a member of a local or national Trusted Trader-type scheme. Make sure they are who they say they are.

3. Ask For Confirmation In Writing

Before accepting a tradesman or company for the job, ask them for confirmation in writing. This should include a written breakdown of the work involved as well as a quote. If you don’t have anything in writing, there’s nothing legally binding that you can fall back on if there are any disagreements regarding the finished job or if you realise you’ve fallen prey to a construction scam.

Reputable firms like SureSet are only too happy to provide you with written confirmation, including a breakdown and a quotation, on a company letterhead. Our confirmations in writing detail the work to be carried out, as well as the price and payment terms, and they do this in terms that are easy to understand.

4. Beware If They Can Start On the Day

If a tradesman at your door or a company tells you that they can begin work on your driveway or patio on the same day, beware! An offer like this can indicate a driveway scam or a company or paver with very little experience.

Some rogue traders work in a town for a few days, approach unsuspecting homeowners, promise them a fast fix, take their money, and then vanish without a trace, making it almost impossible for you to track them down and get them to finish the job or return your money.

Most resin bound paving firms are working on several jobs at any one time, so new projects need to be scheduled in between those jobs or after those jobs have been completed. That said, if your project is small or another customer cancels or postpones their project, a firm may be able to fit you in – but, even then, it’s not likely to happen on the same day.

5. Do Not Agree to Pay In Full In Advance

Anyone asking for full payment upfront should set off major alarm bells. No reputable firm will ask you to pay the full amount in advance. SureSet certainly wouldn’t do that. You might be asked for an upfront deposit or to pay a proportion of the cost on the day that work on your project begins, which is quite normal. You will only pay the balance, or the full amount if no deposit or prepayment was made once the work has been completed and signed off to your satisfaction.

Those payment terms should be included in the written breakdown and quote you receive from the firm you choose.

Choose SureSet For Your Paving Projects

Avoid driveway scams by choosing SureSet for your resin bound paving projects. Established in 1997, SureSet is a BBA resin bound paving certified business with an excellent track record. We use top-quality naturally sourced and recycled aggregates, a resin mix that’s partly derived from plants, and offer a on our work. Contact us for more information, to schedule a consultation visit, or for a quote.

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