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Posted 26th November 2012 by Kevin Weston


Resin Bound VS The Elements

A question often asked by people is; how does resin bound permeable paving stand up to the seasons?  Rest assured that high quality and tested resin bound paving has proven its ability to withstand the elements throughout the globe. In the peak of summer in parts of Australia our paving systems have endured the sizzling heats and intense UV rays without yellowing or changing colour in any way.

In the hostile winters of parts of Scotland quality resin bound has proven it won’t crack due to damage from bitterly cold temperatures and the flexibility of the product means that it will expand to accommodate any frost.

All of SureSets resin bound paving is fully permeable so even during thunderstorms and the heaviest rains of spring in parts of the UK rainwater will penetrate the surface. Use our products in conjunction with a water harvesting system and all that rain can be of great significance.

Our products are extremely durable so even when being subject to the extraordinary fluctuations of weather conditions that come hand in hand with an English autumn SureSet always keeps its looks and value.

Futureproof your surface areas with Resin Bound Permeable Paving.