Resin Bound Paving A Brief Introduction

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Posted 9th November 2011 by Kevin Weston


Here at SureSet we thought it would be a good idea to give readers a brief introduction to our product before addressing some of the more technical and in-depth issues.

Although still a fairly young material, resin bound paving has proven in applications throughout the UK and abroad that it is suitable for projects of all sizes and that it offers a great deal of design flexibility making it suited to even the most complex schemes.

Leading manufacturers like ourselves supply resin bound paving in a huge range of colours and textures to complement or contrast with any style of commercial application, home or landscape. The system has been used on a host of applications, everything from standard driveways to complex shapes which incorporate intricate design patterns.

Offering a modern, long-lasting and extremely durable alternative to traditional paving systems, options range from natural gravel and crushed stone to marble and recycled glass, providing almost limitless options for designers and architects. In fact because of the way the material is installed, patterns and shapes can be clearly defined meaning the potential of resin bound paving is only constrained by the designer’s own imagination.

Our high quality resin bound paving provides a permeable surface which is fully compliant with the current Building Regulations. This means that planning permission, a key consideration for residential applications, is not required.

Installation is a quick process and SureSets skilled installers are able to lay up to 250m² in a day. Each SureSet paving surface will provide many years of high quality performance, providing a highly durable, UV stable surface which is resistant to frost, oil damage – ensuring that its appearance won’t fade or be compromised over time.  We are so proud of our service that we supply it with a comprehensive 15 year guarantee which is more than any other resin bound paving supplier in the UK.

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