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The UK spends Billions on paving maintenance each year, whether it be for their own homes and gardens, public walkways and town centres, or privately own businesses and schools. If you keep to some basic aftercare and maintenance after a resin bound paving installation, it will continue to look fresh and inviting all year round with minimal labour and fuss!

Seasonal Maintenance

We have put together some all year round, key maintenance tips to help easily maintain resin bound paving.


This is a good time of year to sweep away any dead leaves as part of your resin bound paving aftercare and maintenance. You can only get away with leaving them for a few days before they make your job more lengthy. As mentioned, Autumn brings an abundance of dead leaves that decay quickly, especially in damp conditions.

When leaves are left to decay, they start to rot and can become slimy, which presents a slipping hazard. What’s more, they can leave unsightly black stains on the paving, making a quick maintenance sweep become an all day task with the potential need to scrub and power wash the stains away. Getting out there early and sweeping away dead leaves during autumn will help with maintaining your resin bound paving and keep it clean and safe, with very little effort.

An even quicker approach, with a little investment, would be to use a leaf blower, some models are equipped with both, a blowing and vacuum function and are also known as garden vacs or leaf vacs. Leaf Blowers will quickly and easily blow away the leaves but a vacuum will collect them for ease of disposing and eliminating the need to rake piles.

Winter and Spring

SureSet resin paving systems are , this prevents rainwater from pooling and means there’s less chance of ice forming on the surface. However, Winter and early Spring can bring freezing temperatures causing it to snow and can lead to patches of ice forming.

Insight: SureSet Resin bound paving is designed to expand and contract when the water freezes between the voids. Frost damage is covered as part of our for this reason. As a company, we can install our resin materials all year round even in the Winter, as long as the temperatures are above 0˚c and rising.

An important part of maintaining your resin bound paving is to scatter a layer of rock salt on it when icy temperatures are predicted. The salt will prevent ice from forming on the surface. Be sure to hose your paving down well with clean water after the cold spell.

If you need to remove snow, we recommend using a plastic snow shovel. Try to avoid using a metal shovel, as metal can damage the surface of the resin bound paving.

Tip: If you have limited access to grit try using table salt, it can be extremely effective to help clear paving. Approximately 1 tablespoon of salt can dissolve around 1 square metre. Salt will not weaken SureSets high quality resin systems.


During late spring, early summer you may start to see weed growth. If all the weeds were removed before SureSet resin bound paving was installed it is highly unlikely that any new ones will grow. If any weeds do grow they should be treated with an appropriate weed killer. As for other areas, ensure the weeds are removed before they have the chance to flower as this will cause the weeds to spread.

You may also notice a few fallen leaves or flower petals such as Roses, try to sweep them away, although it is not essential, it makes for lighter work for you in the Autumn.

You may notice some growth of algae and moss, although is not limited to summer, it’s at its most aggressive then and if not removed it will come back. Not only can algae and moss be unsightly, but they can also pose health risks and be slippery.

Tip: If you notice moss or algae growing, spray the area with an algaecide periodically or for a more natural remedy try mixing baking powder mixed with water. It can also be removed using a hard broom or pressure washer.

Take care to avoid spillages such as these…

  • Oil and grease – they don’t damage the surface but can leave unsightly marks
  • Cement and plaster – be quick! they are difficult to remove once set.
  • Petrol and solvents – wash off immediately, they can soften the resin and damage the surface.

If most spillages are left they may get washed away with natural rainfall, however, this isn’t without the above mentioned damages. If you need to remove them, always be timely, start by washing it away with household detergent (washing up liquid) in warm water and a stiff broom, then move onto the pressure washer.

You can power wash SureSet permeable resin bound paving using a pressure washer (up to 150bar rating). Taking care not to use excessive pressure, using cold water, keep the jet at least 200mm from the surface, and use a sweeping motion. If the surface needs a more extensive clean, ask our Technical Team for more information .

If you are interested in our product and services, please contact our Sales Team on [email protected] or through our online  for samples, quotes or just to gain further information.

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