Resin Bonded VS Resin Bound

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Posted 16th November 2011 by Kevin Weston


There are differing types of resin surfacing available. Confusion still surrounds the differences between two prominent resin based surfaces which are resin bonded and resin bound systems.

Resin Bonded

Resin bonded paving is a 2 layered scatter system where the resin is sprayed on to the ground and the aggregate is scattered on top. Benefits of this system are that it is quick and easy to apply, it is cheap compared to many other paving systems including resin bound and it can be trafficked in a couple of hours. This system however is prone to loose stone, as only one side of the aggregate particle is attached to the resin surface. It is a non-permeable system, which is not as durable as resin bound paving and the design life for this product is only 5-8 years.

Resin Bound

Resin Bound paving is a 1 layered system which involves the aggregate and resin being mixed together prior to installation. A bound system should use a polyurethane resin which allows the material to be more flexible. The aggregate and resin are laid as a one layer mat at a much thicker depth than the resin bonded surface. Resin bound paving is more expensive than a resin bonded system however it is smooth and hardwearing with no loose stone making it perfect for areas with heavy forms of traffic such as town centres and access roads. It is also a long lasting surface with a design life of around 20-25 years. It is also permeable making it ideal for SUDS requirements and for domestic projects because there is no need for planning permission. The system can be laid very quickly and once laid is a very low maintenance option.

We specialise in supplying and installing the highest quality systems however there are a number of companies out there that supply inferior resin bound paving options for a cheaper price. The cheaper systems are being used by some companies to cut costs & make installation easier. As a result of this less than the optimum amount of resin is being used which leads to a short-term and undesirable finish. SureSet only ever use the very best resin bound aggregate systems available. The next time you are considering your paving options don’t be uncertain, be 100% SureSet.

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