Putting Safety First with School Playground Surfaces

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Posted 17th April 2020 by Y Holloway


It should go without saying that, when it comes to school playground surfaces, running tracks, and pool areas, safety should come first. However, as various news reports show, sometimes that is not the case – but SureSet’s PlayBound can change that in an attractive, durable way.

In 2014, a Freedom of Information Act request revealed that more than £3 million was paid out in compensation claims for school playground-related injuries. One of those claims was for £17,000 that went to a child who slipped and fell in Birmingham.

The Yorkshire Evening Post reported that a similar Freedom of Information Act request showed that in 2017, a Leeds school staff member received £13,827.75 after they slipped on school grounds. Injuries sustained because of inadequate school paving can be debilitating, if not life-threatening, so it is important to ensure that surfaces contribute to the health and safety of staff and pupils.

Reduced Risk Of Slipping

Durable and permeable, PlayBound is a coloured rubber bound by stable, non-toxic resin that is ideal for school playground surfaces. Rubber is not often seen as a permeable, but the new product that launched in April 2020 is different.

While being mixed, every piece of rubber is thoroughly coated with resin. Tiny gaps form during the bonding stage, which allows water to drain away to the sub-base. The nature of the surface means that shoes generally have better traction, and because water drains away, it reduces the chances of slipping.

Furthermore, cleaning a PlayBound surface is not labour-intensive. It usually requires little more than being swept, although we recommend power-washing it from time to time. This is one of the reasons the product is recommended for those looking for school paving solutions and ideas.

Added Safety And Comfort

In addition to reducing the risk of slipping due to standing water, PlayBound offers added safety and comfort. This is another reason the new SureSet product is ideal for school playground surfaces.

When the product is used for school paving, it is not only the resin-coated rubber that is laid. First, a base of compacted stone is laid, and above that, at a depth of approximately 25mm, a shock pad is placed. The 15mm PlayBound is laid on top of the shock pad.

Functional And Attractive

While PlayBound is available in recycled black, which does not require a shock pad, the coloured product is a better option for school paving solutions and ideas such as themed play areas. School badges, mottos, and colours, as well as pictures, geometric patterns, and other designs can be incorporated.

The result is a playground that offers visual interest and that supports the health and safety of the children and school staff who use it.

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