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Posted 1st February 2019 by Lauren Gardiner


A guide to the best paving solution for parents with buggies.

Despite having managed the Sales at SureSet before beginning my parenting journey I had never really taken note of anything that I walked over, unless of course I was barefoot walking on sand or enjoying the feel of grass beneath my feet.

Early on whilst on maternity leave taking my break from “paving” to enjoy finding my feet as a parent I set off for what I thought would be some enjoyable walks, a moments peace in tranquil surroundings. I soon realised that paving was against us, lots of paving has joins, its uneven and bumpy, its full of puddles (eeek, I don’t want to push my shiny new buggy through that), the buggy gets wedged in vast depths of loose gravel, the gravel gets stuck in the wheels preventing them from moving freely, small shards get stuck in your new tyres, somehow you need to lift the buggy over the gravel, the baby wakes (argh) and what you thought was a good idea of enjoying the great outdoors suddenly becomes a parenthood mission. Yet another thing you have to take into consideration when planning your outings, is it buggy friendly? can the wheels get through!? You have enough to think about, right?

Witnessed first-hand by myself, mum of 2, there really is such a thing as attractive, smooth paving which isn’t riddled with puddles……. Resin Bound Paving is the answer. It is a parents best friend not only in terms of pushing a buggy on a smooth, seamless finish which is permeable (puddle free), which means you succeed in keeping baby comfortable and most importantly asleep!, the child cannot dislodge any loose stone when they get to an inquisitive stage (where we currently are) meaning you won’t have a garden with stone scattered everywhere, you won’t have any bits of gravel to fish out of their little mouths, you can sit back, relax, enjoy your garden and watch them play safely.

Going Beyond Safety 

The safety of you and your child is the most important thing to consider when looking at pushchair-friendly paving ideas. As mentioned above, the surface should be even, and it shouldn’t be a slipping hazard. The paving also should remain structurally sound, right down to prevent your child from picking out bits of aggregate and putting them into his or her mouth, ears, or nose! 

Of course, safety isn’t the be-all and end-all of paving that’s good for prams. The reality is that your child won’t be asleep all the time they’re in the pushchair, and there will come a time when they’re too big for the chair. Keeping that in mind, you might want to consider paving ideas that make the space child-friendly in other ways, for example, by supporting learning and development. 

Kid-Friendly Colours 

According to QA Education, babies have monochrome vision for the first eight months or so of their lives, meaning they can’t recognise different colours. That changes over time, and by age three or four, most children are able not only to distinguish between various colours, but also name them.  

The important thing here is to support their journey into colour by exposing them to different hues. It can also be helpful to remember that different colours can stimulate or affect children in various ways. For example, orange can enhance memory, cool shades of blue can enhance relaxation and stimulate creativity, and yellow can inspire cheerful, happy moods. 

With SureSet, you can take care of safety and colour in one swoop. Our Playbound range is made of brightly coloured rubber granules which are bound in resin. You can use single colours, or you can use various colours to create a patterned pathway or patio. The result is a smooth, permeable surface that absorbs more shock than regular paving, so children don’t fall as hard if accidents happen. 

Other SureSet paving ranges that offer you a selection of interesting colours include Spectrum, which is made of recycled coloured glass, and Fusion, which is a blend of your choice of coloured aggregates. If you want to add delicate details to the overall design, consider using one of our recycled material aggregates, such as bottle glass, crushed mirror, or crushed shells. 

Laying Out Pathways For Pushchairs 

If you want to pave a communal garden pathway with pushchairs in mind, it’s worth putting careful consideration into the layout of the path. A straight, oval, or circular path might be the easiest option if you’re worried about manoeuvring your baby’s buggy. A gently snaking path also makes for an easier walk than one with sharp curves and unexpected twists and turns.  

A Sensory Walk 

Good, sturdy edging is something to consider if you’re worried about the pushchair accidentally leaving the path, but you needn’t leave a public pathway, car parks, or patio’s borders to stone or wood edging. Consider using child-friendly plants to create a sensory border that will capture your child’s attention. 

Use non-toxic, thornless plants that have leaves and flowers of different shapes, colours, and scents, as well as stems or bark of different colours and textures, to border the pathway. You also can add small ornaments, such as suncatchers or wind chimes, or a feature such as a pebble bubble fountain, next to the path. As your child grows, he or she will have much more than just the colours of the pathway to delight them. 

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Now back from maternity leave I have returned as a Marketing Assistant and I am hoping to combine my parenting journey with marketing and paving.

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