Post-Consumer Plastic changing the way we package

Plastic is used in almost every industry, and a large proportion of it being single use (meaning it is exactly as it sounds, used and then immediately thrown away).  We at SureSet have been using plastic tubs for our for many years so we are excited to be using the new PCR (Post Consumer Regrind) buckets from now on.

Although plastic has always provided a flexible and lightweight packaging solution, with energy efficient manufacturing which cannot be replicated in any other way, its long-term implications are affecting our environment negatively.

When the UK Government announced in their 2018 budget that from April 2022 a new tax on plastic packaging would be imposed on items containing less that 30% recycled content, our tub suppliers focused their minds on supplying something with more recycled properties.  A partnership with an innovative developer led to the design of the new tubs.

The buckets we now use are 50% PCR and 50% PIR (Post Industrial Regrind), so they are completely sustainable and satisfy the Governments criteria.  A great development we are proud to be using.

Below we hope to answer some of the main questions surrounding this subject and why we are changing our approach to packaging.

What is post-consumer and post-industrial plastic?

Post-consumer plastic is a reprocessed plastic coming from other products which have been discarded and thrown away by consumers such as bottles, drinking cups, dessert pots etc.  Post-industrial plastic is recycled within the factory setting, usually from the waste stream in the manufacturing process.

Both are a cost-effective option for widely available materials and using it has a positive impact on the natural environment.

Why use post-consumer or post-industrial plastic?

Plastic packaging has non-bio-degradable properties and is a huge problem for the environment as there is so much of it.  Taking up to 1,000 years to degrade naturally, it is unlikely we will see the full benefit for change in our lifetime, however it is never too early to start making improvements where we can.  With plastic littering the streets, rivers, lakes and oceans it has a massive effect on pollution and is dangerous for animals resulting in killing off our wildlife.

Post-consumer or post-industrial plastics provide great ecofriendly packaging options as it directs the waste materials to recycling plants instead of landfill which therefore reduces plastic waste, something which is greatly required.

The benefits of changing the way we use our plastic:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Widely available
  • Recycled materials
  • Meets Government criteria
  • Reduces waste
  • Less harmful to animals and wildlife

SureSet are keen to continue trying to be more ecologically aware in all their processes so this adds to the other benefits of using SureSet permeable resin bound paving products.  Here are some other ways we are working towards our eco-friendliness:

  • On larger installations, we have been able to cut back on using any type of plastic tub since have our designed and manufactured for us. Using this allows us to decant the resin directly onsite without the need for individual tubs, something which hugely reduces our plastic waste.
  • Our material itself when laid is permeable which allows water to drain back through to the natural water table when installed on a permeable sub-base. The Environment Agency introduced the requirements of SuDS (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems) in 2011 in an effort to reduce flooding and manage water run-off.
  • We cold mix on-site, meaning it is low energy and has no fumes.
  • We use natural aggregates and marbles along with recycled glass for our resin bound paving.
  • We are ISO 14001 certified in Environmental Management. We try to have a paperless approach to working wherever possible and are moving towards having more efficient environmental savings.
  • Our sample discs are no longer supplied in plastic trays, they are now all cork backed.
  • We use recyclable boxes for all of our mailouts which have been made to hold our samples without the need for plastic bubble wrap.
  • We use electric forklifts instead of fuel powered to reduce our carbon footprint.

You can find other information on our website relating to our sustainability using the below links:

ProResin is available to purchase on our online shop and will be delivered in PCR buckets and palletised.  Buy in Kit sizes of 7KG or 7.5KG online, however if you require bespoke quantities or sizes then please contact our .  Tubs can also be unbranded where necessary.

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