Resin Bound Poems

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Posted 5th February 2019 by Cliff Sakyi


Cliff’s Corner 

And yes….Marketing are the best!

Our resident poet Cliff has been writing some poems about his travels and experiences within his Site Inspector job role.


Spring into action,

Different department, smooth transaction,

Technical, but no distraction,

In fact it compacts a sweet distraction.


Off-site, but not free from dangers,

Observing the colour ranges,

Through the window I see changes,

Push open the door don’t be a stranger,


I’ve joined the number-combers,

Sales patter wit-honers,

Heavy discounts? I’m not that donor!

Happy customer, you’re not alone…ah!


Hats off to those who hail

AIs, contractors, subbies who nail,

Complemtary Sureset materials to the floor no fails,

See you next time for more sales tales.



S.I.T. all flee to Swansea,

No swans did see,

But sea & sky-water fall freely,

So quick! Spread the excess batches deeply.


We thrived in Heneage Drive,

In Hereford I connive,

With my usual funky jive,

To resurrect a Listed cornered hive.


Strolling on to Hertfordshire,

Watford High St. renovate to be sure,

Tree pit surrounds they look to cure,

Worth the mixer noise racket to endure!


Stadium of Tottenham Hotspurs; vast, insane,

Crane, digger, axle- grinder meets White Hart Lane,

The football they’ll never reign in,

Shame, as those acos were draining…


And yes….Marketing are the best!


New Year, no fear,

Cold front, still resin here.

Fusion bound or loose coloured glass,

Let’s make it clear….


Our catalogue’s the monologue,

With the FB page check out the blogs,

The SureSet crew’s new’s and reviews,

On gunmetal grey to aqua blue.


Spectrum ranges, the Surecell stack,

StepRiser’s, Patio, Treepits,

We keep them packed,

Marketing team deliver the facts.


They communicate and relate,

The website platform they elevate,

The One Yvonne, Jim, Joni, Lauren, Big D and The G,

Now it’s you we celebrate.

( only coffee, all the cake I ate.)


Middle Land


Roll up to Solihull,

Put window down full,

Blue and green scenes not dull,

Negative Monday mind thoughts now null,

Pads on for my knees,

Gloves to stop the freeze,

String line blown off blocks in the breeze,

And great, my back’s started to cease.

Got the memo for laser demo,

Tap screen for red dot to to show,

Can I measure from car; heat on full blow,

While drinking hot cocoa?


Visit’s now completed,

We never call it quits,

But now report back to Ops Office,

As Daniel Ball’s got my biscuits.




Out of the autumn morn,

Forklift manoeuvre horn,

Warehouse business meeting,

Draws the team from the forlorn!


The yard staggered with aggregate,

Material sheet asks who’s bagging it,

Energy levels not sagging yet?

Coffee…yes, they’re gagging for it.


Chris is more than capable,

Of asset stable labelling,

Brad & Barry stacking buckets,

In line for pumped resin tabling.


From I to the P  to the T60,

Conveyor belt, hopper, GGG,

Scotty in the shed where the air’s misty,

Don’t worry, shrink wrapped, job’s on the lorry!




I’m South East bound,

Leaving my firm ground,

Towards office rooftops,

Is this rickety lift sound….??

From Sutton Point,

Beyond Canada Water,

Surecell prep finally

Looks like what it ought to.

Winding path passes Lyme Regis,

Where the sloping coastal landscape is prestigious.

Winchester’s prizes

Lies in accurate step-risers.

For Salisbury a sweet day I’ll have,

Oh no….postcode doesn’t show on the satnav (sigh)…


London A to Z


At bustling Wembley Park,

Up with the larks,

Under  the  Arc,

Happy Site Manager, not narked!


Over the Wandsworth Bridge,

Emanuel School awaits,

Trees, brick, concrete, tarmac old & new

The Sureset lesson on tidy is it’s fate.


Leytonstone Ive Sports Centre,

Not the last of the big spenders,

All the above properties,

Utterly Barley Butterly.


Travel to Holland Villas,

Aside the grand street entrance pillars,

Nat, Daren, Wilson and me,

Golden Pearls of wisdom all are we…

Now, you drive us home James,

I’ll catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzs……




A little bit of history,

Observed in Waterways museum mystery,

To the naked eye a squared off box,

Exposed arena of Gloucester Docks,


This tram-tracked South Western open air theatre,

We’ll apply our magic to make it neater,

Besides the canal boats haulage and we used to travel,

Black terracotta and sterling silver to unravel.


Adjacent, continental cafes

And seagulls observe,

A Quays prepared panini,

The fitting designer hors d’oeuvre.


Thought of Fort William


This trail leads me,

Flying Bristol to Glasgow,

An understated reception,

Unbelievably, no snow.


The drive that’s breathtaking,

Dovetailing side by side Loch Lomond,

With the following infinite mountainous beauty (Ben Nevis),

I create a new bond.


Connery never mentioned Fort William,

An alluring seafront haven;

A most radiant setting,

For our resin-bound paving.


The lodge haggis delectable,

As much as the home journey long,

But in line with the adventurous Sureset –

Undoubtedly UK’S No.1.

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