Permeable Paving for Tree Pits

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Posted 20th August 2012 by Kevin Weston


Permeable paving for Tree pits

Resin Bound Permeable paving is ideal for tree pit surfacing, combining an aesthetically pleasing appearance with the functionality of a free draining, low maintenance, and non litter collecting surface along with sufficient strength to cope with occasional vehicle overrun.


Resin Bound Permeable paving for tree pit materials have a typical flow through of 90 litres per second per square metre which allows water and air to easily pass through the layer to promote good surface layer irrigation and aeration of the root ball.

Using permeable material also means that it is fully compliant with the latest planning requirements for paved surfacing in front gardens (when laid on a suitable base) without the need for planning permission.

Resin Bound Permeable paving is laid by hand without the need for any large machinery thereby reducing the potential for damage to trees.

It can be used in combination with Cellular structure system to provide a no-dig solution for paving over tree roots and other sensitive protection zones.


A principal component of a high quality resin binder used within resin bound materials is derived from renewable plant oils and when it has reached the end of its serviceable life because the resin binder is inert the material can be reused as an inert fill thereby reducing the extraction of virgin aggregates.

A resin bound system is a low energy, cold process system which can be laid without the need for any large machinery.


High quality Resin Bound Permeable Pavings are formulated to last, up to 20 years, therefore avoiding the need for frequent replacement, further lowering its environmental impact.

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