Pedal power promoted to reduce pollution

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Posted 12th April 2018 by Duncan Andrews


Traffic congestion is a condition on transport networks that occurs as use increases and is characterised by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicular queueing. Everyone knows that road networks are getting more and more congested, and with 2.5 million vehicles registered in 2017 and 2.96 million vehicles registered in 2016 this problem is only going to get worse! The negative effects of traffic and congestion are well broadcasted and we all know the damage it is doing to our planet and our wildlife, so what can be done to counteract the problem? report that 42% of people aged 5+ (25 million people) own a bicycle whilst another 1% have access to one, but of all those over the age of 18 only 31% actually cycle.

Companies throughout the country are funded for initiatives to reduce vehicle congestion and promote car sharing and alternative transport methods with one of the most popular schemes being the cycle scheme. Cycle scheme is an employee benefit that saves employees 25-39% of the purchase price on a bike and accessories. Employees pay nothing upfront and the payments are taken tax efficiently from their salaries.

SureSet is a member of the cycle scheme, and with employee numbers ever increasing the question is always being asked of how we can take the next step to promote alternative means of transport for employees.

With a keen group of cyclists within the company, and the stunning location of our offices nestled in the Wylie Valley just 4 miles from the Longleat estate, with endless miles of quiet country lanes it was suggested that if showering/changing facilities were provided staff members would be more inclined to cycle in from surrounding towns.

Over the Christmas period this idea was implemented, and a small shower suite installed to allow these members of staff (and anyone else) the opportunity to exercise their legs and reduce the companies carbon footprint. These facilities will benefit everyone, from site staff returning from a hard day installing resin bound paving to our glass production team who finish creating our Spectrum recycled glass – having the option to clean up before leaving work will be welcomed by everyone.


For such a small outlay the potential benefits of installing facilities as simple as a shower will no doubt help SureSets carbon footprint, and when combined with our new Resin Batching vehicle you start to see a bigger picture of how SureSet are committed to doing their bit to improve the world we live in.



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