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Posted 7th September 2015 by Ben Shave


Involved in a school paving project? Large or small, new build or refurbishment, here are a few ideas you might find useful…  

  • Laying SureSet over existing surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete will revitalise tired looking areas such as this internal courtyard at Downsbook Middle School in Worthing.
  • Bring back into use areas previously unusable due to poor drainage with permeable SureSet paving.
  • Get creative! Incorporate your school logo, welcome message or introduce a theme into your school paving; like the logo we installed for Our Lady and St Joseph’s Primary School in Poplar.
  • SureSet is SuDS compliant and therefore perfect for courtyards, footpaths, parking bays, access roads, cycle sheds and many other areas.
  • Make pathways, car parks, access roads and courtyards accessible by including ramps into the design. The versatility of SureSet makes this easy to do.
  • Include surrounding trees into your school paving design with a SureSet tree pit; allowing water to reach the roots, eliminating trip hazards, providing protection and the flexibility to allow growth.
  • Create moods with our coloured recycled glass Spectrum®; available in calming thoughtful shades and inspiring, vibrant, playful colours.
  • Use SureSet to complement or contrast with other materials around the school such as block paving, brick, paving slabs, decking, gravel, crazy paving, pattern-imprinted concrete, sand-stone and granite setts.
  • Camouflage unsightly drains and manhole covers with SureSet for a seamless look to your school paving.
  • Create a clean finish up to any edge including kerbs, pin kerbs, plastic lawn edging, wood and timber, marble setts or aluminium edging.

Here are some answers to questions we are frequently asked…

Do I need planning permission?
No, 2008 government legislation states that you do not need planning permission if the surface is permeable (or less than five square metres).  

Who installs SureSet?
All SureSet installations are carried out by our in-house Installation Team or nationwide network of Approved Installers. Both work tidily and with respect to you and neighbouring properties.

Is SureSet easy to clean?
Yes it is. Watch our maintenance video to see for yourself how easy it is.

How long before SureSet can be used?
SureSet can be used by pedestrians six to eight hours after installation and ready to drive on in 12-16. Though we would always recommend leaving it longer if possible.

How long will SureSet last?
SureSet permeable paving comes with an 18 year guarantee, however our own experience and knowledge suggests it will last in excess of 25 years.

How much does SureSet cost?
Your installation is unique to you and so individually priced. We take into account your location, size of your project and the stone you choose. All of our quotes are free, with no obligation and can be arranged by contacting us.

What can SureSet be laid on?
SureSet can be laid on a new base and existing asphalt and concrete (in reasonable condition). More detailed information about suitable bases for SureSet.

Read more about our School Paving and download a brochure, maintenance guide or specifications.

Since the devastation of the 2007 floods, caused by surface water runoff and not over flowing rivers, permeable paving has never been so popular. A fully SuDS compliant SureSet residential driveway combines functionality, practicality and good looks.

If you have any other questions please just contact us and we will be happy to help – please call on 0800 612 6501 or email us.

Coming up in October Paving ideas for Pathways…

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