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Posted 19th October 2015 by Ben Shave


Are you thinking of redesigning your garden and don’t know what to do?  

This is something we will all question, firstly you will need to think of a style perhaps a traditional English garden or somewhat more Mediterranean, make it something that suits your personal taste… with options of flowers and plants from around the world this needs some careful thought! You will also need to create and design a garden that matches your gardening strengths, for instance, are you a keen gardener that knows their stuff or someone that is looking for light work and a garden that is easy to maintain.

Keep in mind the type of garden you have at the moment, does the soil drain well, and when and where does the garden get the best spots of sun and shade? Once you have noted these key factors and placed these onto your existing garden plans you will easily be able to design a new garden. Place the plants and flowers in the best spaces to flourish but also locate the best places for entertaining a crowd or introduce a quiet cosy seating area to relax and enjoy whilst read your favourite book – not to forget you’ll need to incorporate pathway options to get to these locations in your new garden.

Here are a few ideas that might help you…

  • Lay permeable paving over existing hardscape areas or create new  footpaths and patios. Any permeable paving will help you avoid puddling and will drain the rain water back to the soil, hydrating your garden plants and lawn. Resin bound paving is a quick and easy way to revitalise any surface, it is also permeable and will boost your homes kerb appeal.
  • Get creative and use colours to complement or contrast your home and other areas of your garden, you can do this by choosing the right plants, flowers, landscaping, and paving materials.
  • Harmonise your prickly plants and soft flowers with other materials such as block paving, brick, sleepers, slabs, decking, loose gravel, crazy paving, pattern-imprinted concrete, sandstone and granite setts.
  • Personalise your garden paving with a pattern by adding in some personality, other customers have included meaningful words, a star, lucky numbers and even paw prints – a keen animal lover.
  • Camouflage unsightly drains and manhole covers with large plant pots, outdoor rugs or have them infilled with a paving material of choice, resin bound is known to work well for its smooth, accessible finish.
  • Create an edge, a clean or rustic finish, this can include boulders, sleepers, pin kerbs, plastic lawn edging, wood chippings and timber, marble setts or aluminium edging.
  • You may need to incorporate the build of a ramp to improve access for pushchairs, bicycles, wheelchairs, bins, and garden toys.
  • Think about how you can use different plant textures, and materials including paving to divide or define specific areas within your garden, or to inject a bit of colour with colourful flowers, freshly painted furniture or even a Spectrum® of paving colours.
  • Create an ambience with beautiful outdoor candles or light up your garden paving and entertaining areas to impress your guests. Fibre optic lighting has been recognised to be especially effective under resin bound recycled glass. You can also incorporate LED or recessed ground lights within many of the paving options mentioned.
  • Show your trees some love and give them a focal point they deserve; you can hang homemade bird feeders from them using old cups and saucers or paint an old picture frame and use it as a selfie prop – great if you have a teenager at home! For some colour to the base of the tree try a loose coloured glass or a natural bound gravel that will still allow water to reach the roots, protecting the tree, eliminating trip hazards, and providing flexibility for growth.
  • Garden designs can be done by anyone, yourself or a professional, the majority of the work comes from thinking of all of the above aspects and putting them onto paper. Even if it’s a first draft to pass onto your designer at least you have had the involvement, and the designer understands you as their client and what you would like but most importantly need from your garden.

Here are some answers to questions we are frequently asked…

Do I need planning permission?
No, 2008 government legislation states that you do not need planning permission if the surface is permeable (or less than five square metres).  

Who installs SureSet?

This is entirely up to you… You can choose to do the entire project yourself from start to finish, or you might decide to just self-install one element of the garden, like the paving for example. A lot of trade and garden centres offer DIY Kits and trade packs, to give you the freedom to self-install at your own leisure.

If you decide to have everything installed by your Contractor, ensure you have gained testimonials of both works and their services. Case studies and recommendations are also a great way to build a picture of who is trustworthy to hire.

Remember you can also save money if you are prepared to do the majority of the garden excavation work yourself, just speak to your Designers and Contractors for the correct specification requirements.

Want to know more about resin bound paving for a garden pathway? See below for more frequently asked questions about SureSet Permeable Paving.

Is SureSet easy to clean?
Yes, it is. Watch our online maintenance video to see for yourself how easy it is.

How long before I can use my pathway?
In as little as four to six hours after installation.

How long will SureSet last?
SureSet permeable paving comes with a 21 year guarantee, however our own experience and knowledge suggests it will last in excess of 25 years.

How much does SureSet cost?
Your project is unique to you and so individually priced. We take into account your location, size of the area and the stone you choose. All of our quotes are free, with no obligation and can be arranged by contacting us.

What can SureSet be laid on?
SureSet resin bound paving can be laid on a new base and existing asphalt and concrete (in reasonable condition). More detailed information about suitable bases for SureSet.

Read more about SureSet for your Garden and download a brochure, maintenance guide or specifications.

Since the devastation of the 2007 floods, caused by surface water runoff and a lot of overflowing rivers, permeable paving has never been so popular. A fully SuDS compliant SureSet footpath combines functionality, practicality, and good looks in any commercial or residential garden.

If you have any other questions please just get in touch with us and we will be happy to help – please call on 0800 612 6501 or email us.

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