Should I go for a patio or decking for my house?

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Posted 3rd May 2019 by Author Account

If you’re looking at revamping your garden or outdoor space, the main choice you’ll probably need to make is that between patio flooring or wooden decking. Practically they serve a very similar purpose, but visually they’re very different and there are certainly positives and negatives to each.

Before deciding, it’s important to do your research on the different options available and how each one may help (or hinder) your home life. It’s important not just to consider the visual side of things, but also the maintenance involved, the pricing, and even the durability too. You’ll want to ensure you’ve picked the flooring that best fits into your design vision, but also that fits into your lifestyle.

Here we’ll talk about choosing your outdoor flooring, and which choice might be best for you.

First, let’s discuss patio flooring…

Positives for patio flooring – 

  1. Usually less expensive than decking
  2. Longer-lasting than decking
  3. More durable than decking
  4. Requires less maintenance than decking
  5. More privacy in some cases – if your decking is raised you may lose privacy in your garden

Negatives for patio flooring – 

  1. Garden will need to be levelled – which can be difficult in sloped terrains
  2. Patio flooring can be prone to cracking
  3. Not ideal in ice (can be a slipping risk when water freezes over it)
  4. It can be difficult to clean off any stains or marks
  5. The project of installing the patio may take longer (if ground requires moving/levelling)

We can take from the points above, that patio flooring is a good option for people on a budget, people with level gardens, and people who require something to stand the test of time.

Now let’s move onto decking…

Decking is traditionally made from wood or decking

Positives for decking – 

  1. Often more visually appealing
  2. Can be more desirable to buyers
  3. Decks are easy to install on most types of terrain (including un-even or un-level ground)
  4. Good for making a viewpoint (a raised deck can provide an outlook if built high enough)
  5. Decking can be painted or stained (giving you personalisable options)

Negatives for decking – 

  1. Requires regular maintenance (such as power washing and sealing)
  2. More susceptible to the weather and natural wear and damage
  3. Could become discoloured if not treated regularly
  4. More expensive than patio flooring
  5. There may be weight restrictions, depending on what you want to put on the decking

From the points above, it’s clear that decking is a choice made for those who have a specific aesthetic in mind. But…

Overall, patio flooring seems to be the most desirable option of the two and definitely the more popular choice. If you think you might end up selling your home in the future (even the distant future!), paved patio flooring is likely to be more desirable to a buyer given its durability and low-maintenance upkeep. It also means you’ll need to do less work on it in the long-run. If you’d like to get in touch with us about patio flooring, feel free to drop us an email.