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Posted 23rd March 2012 by Kevin Weston


Old mix for a new era

Earlier in the month we completed a project in London which had a hint of elegance. The application was a turning driveway which led up to a quite stunning house in Regents Park. 541 square metres in total was laid which was completed by our installers in two days.

The sub base was clay so it was decided that the highly trafficked area should have extra strength added to it using a mesh system. There was also an access cover which we simply in filled with SureSet. This way the cover is aesthetically pleasing and is still accessible.

The mix used was an alteration of Sienna Yellow, chosen for its ability to complement the colour of the house. Sienna Yellow is an old mix of ours which we do not currently use due to the raw materials which are used in the mix no longer being available. This meant we had to work closely with the client to create a bespoke mix which they were happy with. As you can see the mix perfectly complements the house and its surroundings.

Would you have chosen a different mix if this was your project? We’re eager to learn your thoughts!