New video launch - samples to installation in less than two minutes.

To add to the excitement of launching our brand new website we have also commissioned a series of fantastic new videos.  

Our first new video is a glimpse behind the scenes; a little peek into what goes on here at SureSet: from making the samples we send out to you, through to the expert installation of your SureSet surface.  Press the play button on the first image on the homepage banner, pressing F5 to refresh.

The project featured on this video is a seamless outdoor pool surround and pathway installation for a residential customer in Buckinghamshire. You can read the full case study on our website.  

Our video is less than two minutes long and we think it’s two minutes well spent! If you agree, please share it.  

We’d be delighted to hear what you think about the video, and our new website.

Please email us and let us know, or with any suggestions you have for future video topics.