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Posted 3rd February 2020 by Anne Shave


Over the year’s our ideas about driveways, patios, pathways and other hard standing commercial and residential paving has changed. Practical or creative designs have evolved over the decades with fashions in design, style, and products used. In the 21st century, we are as a consumer and producer more aware of the impact that our decisions have on our property and surrounding areas whether that be ecological, ethical or monetary.

In our ever-changing world climate other ecological problems have arisen and with these new solutions have been sought for our everyday needs. Plastic is by no means the new saviour, as we can see from the news about plastic bags and other single-use items, we have to use it wisely, recycled plastics are now in use in both the commercial and residential resin bound industry.

We have made many economical choices over the recent years and using SureCell – designed to be a recycled product and to act as a sub-base (also known as ground reinforcement) – was one of them. Its cellular interlocking grid pattern that can be laid directly onto compacted stone and infilled with gravel (loose aggregates) making the structure super strong and it’s able to have a fully permeable surface laid on top of it, creating a hardscape that is easy to walk, ride and drive on – all with the advantage of being able to free drain rainwater back into the local water level.



With the advent of more choice and most certainly customers wanting a cheaper viable option to a full resin bound driveway or outside area SureCell has come into its own. Whether filled with gravel, decorative stones or reinforcing grass this product can be used as a cost-effective and creative durable area for

Alternative ways to use SureCell…

The options for this material are endless, who says you must have plain natural loose aggregates to infill the SureCell structure? There are lots of cheap or unusual loose stone colour options be brave, go vibrant with pinks and blues!

In some cases, a natural paving surface is needed but not always strong or durable enough on its own, so if you need to park a car on the area but also have horses walking over simply cover your SureCell structure with grass!

Don’t delay, you can lay this product in any weather and it’s time efficient!

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