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Posted 11th June 2013 by Kevin Weston


Meet SureCell, our lovely new state of the art base system which we have developed and tested deep in our top secret labs over many months! Previously we have not been involved with base preps as we solely specialised in Resin Bound systems, but as demand for our surfaces has rapidly grown, we decided that a permeable, durable and quality base product was needed to perfectly complement the UK’s leading resin bound surfaces!

SureCell is designed to be faster, easier and cheaper to install than tarmac and concrete.  SureCell is an interlocking honeycomb structure that provides the ideal base for small areas whilst being durable and eco-friendly. Laid by hand and simply clipped together, there is no need for heavy machinery or to allow for drying time.

Perfect for driveway extensions and around trees, it perfectly complements a top layer of SureSet and gives you double the permeability with a beautiful finish.

Laid directly onto compacted stone and then in-filled with gravel, it provides an incredibly strong and stable surface which is ideal for heavy vehicular traffic and footfall.

The benefits of a SureCell base systems are:

• Faster, cheaper and easier to install than most traditional systems.
• Installed by hand by our expert team.
• Little to no noise pollution or need for heavy machinery during installation.
• Super-strong and high load bearing.
• Fully permeable, filtering clean water back into the natural water-table.
• Durable – covered by our 15 year guarantee.

For more information about our new SureCell base systems, please contact the SureSet team on: 01985 841180.

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