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Posted 3rd January 2013 by Kevin Weston


Move over January, it’s February’s time

So here we are, January 2013, so lovely to finally meet you. Oh and you’ve brought gifts with you, how thoughtful. What are they?

1. Newly acquired weight around the midriff

2. January Blues

3. WARNING: Insufficient funds (Embarrassing forced pressing of the ‘RETURN CARD’ button)

4. Pressure to make a resolution

5. Guilt at breaking the resolution

6. Sight of the newly expanded waistline with added pressure and guilt attached

7. Need to eat more to cheer oneself up

8. Back to the start

What a lovely month you are, and to think that only a few nights ago I was celebrating your arrival!

Satirical moan aside, January does have its good points. Now that I’ve brought you all down, here are a few good points to perk you all up again:

1. Bye Bye 2012, here’s our fresh start courtesy of 2013

2. We still feel Christmassy but without the stress of having a million things to buy

3. Everything is cheap, so stack up on discount decorations now for next year

4. Easter is on the horizon, which means guilt-free face stuffing again

5. We are beyond the shortest day, meaning the long days are just around the corner

6. We have got loads of cool new stuff to play with courtesy of our bearded friend

7. Whether you’ve made a resolution or not, we all have new goals and something to aim for now

8. The excitement of what this year will bring

9. Your finances can only get better

So you see it’s not all bad!

Many of us will have made new years resolutions this year and of course are adamant that in 2013 we are going to; get slim, earn more, spend more time with family, read more, save money, get the house fixed, learn something new and the list goes on. Good on you if you’ve ever made one and managed to keep it and achieve all of the above. I am highly envious! But if like me, you are one of those with all of the best intentions but easily led astray by a cream cake and that new item that we really REALLY need (but don’t), then you will be hit firmly around the head with the resolution guilt-factor come the middle of January.

But don’t let this add to your blues; here are some interesting statistics on how many of us actually succeed:

  • Number of UK residents who actually make resolutions: 45%
  • Number of UK residents who give up after the first week: 26%
  • Number of UK residents who actually succeed in their resolutions: 8%

Why wait for January to come with all of its pressure and expectation to kick start yourself into improving yourself? Why not make February the new start? You are far more likely to actually succeed in your goal if you don’t have the pressure of January hanging over you. January is so ‘last year’ . For me, it’s all about Fab-Feb.

2013 could be the start of something brilliant for you this year! Whether it is a personal goal or a business goal, it’s great to have something to aim for, but don’t let the pressure of new years’ resolution send you off track, define your goals and decide when, where and how you are going to achieve them. Don’t be unrealistic, you’re not going to become a millionaire and buy that Ferrari overnight, so plan your strategy and make sure that the goal is achievable.

Ultimately, we can all succeed in our resolutions if we want them enough. We don’t have to wait for January to come along to kick-start us into action.

Try it in February and see if you get any further than you did last January. You’ll be surprised how well you do!