Meet our new Regional Sales Manager, Artur Jamroz

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Posted 5th October 2016 by Jim Newton

Get to know our new Regional Sales Manager, Artur Jamroz, with this Q&A session… 

Where did you work before coming to SureSet?
Slightly awkward, as I worked as a recruitment consultant for PlumAppointments, working with many local companies including SureSet.  

My last role involved business development, HR and all around looking after people and organising their life (you would be surprised at how much guidance some people need!).  

How long did you work there?
I worked there for one year, straight after I graduated.  

The best and worst memories from your previous job?
Handing my notice in! Just kidding, to be honest the best thing is the vast amount of people that I met and got to know – some of them I am still friends with now.  

Also becoming a local celebrity at night clubs as 80% of the people there worked for me.  

What prompted the need to change?
The recruitment business is a 24/7 365 day industry. Everywhere you go people want to talk about jobs and ask for advice – even at 3am!!!  

How did you feel on your first day?
On my first day I felt confused. It was strange seeing familiar faces such as Diane and Rachel and not trying to recruit new employees for them.  

What were your first impressions of SureSet/staff?
I met SureSet staff for the first time around a year ago and have never I come across a more friendly, welcoming and professional environment.  

I always told my previous colleagues that if I were to change jobs I would want to work in a company like SureSet… and here I am!  

We know you train hard – how/why/when did that start?
Long story short – I was fit and then I got in a relationship and stopped training – 40kg later I was around 117kg.  

Following the break-up I looked at myself in the mirror and realised I will never get any ladies if I look like that no matter how charming I am 🙂 So I started going to the gym 4-5 times a week for 2-3 hours every time.  

I noticed how my body began to change and became a little bit obsessed – even working out in the middle of the night doing press-ups at 2 or 3am!   So now I am at 80kg, and even though I have slightly relaxed on the obsession and sleep like a baby at night, I am still working hard to get the perfect beach body! And maybe a future wife to go with it?   

Do you have any other hobbies? Iron man coaching Artur in press ups
I am a coffee snob, I enjoy the cinema, playing chess and generally socialising.

One of my favourite pastimes is sitting at coffee shops with my friends, just people watching.  

What did you want to be when you were young?
I never had a calling for a particular career path, all I knew at the time was that I wanted to be more successful than my dad.  

Also the military has always been a passion of mine.  

Who is your favourite super hero and why?
Iron Man, Robert Downey JR – I don’t think I need to say any more.

Tells us something about you that nobody knows…
I was one of the Emo kids at school and straightened my hair every morning before school when I was 14-15.