Meet our new Regional Sales Advisor, Duncan Andrews

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Posted 30th September 2016 by Jim Newton

Get to know our new Regional Sales Advisor, Duncan Andrews, with this Q&A session… 

Where did you work before coming to SureSet?
I worked at ‘Bibury Court’, a privately owned Jacobean Manor house in the Cotswold’s.

We were an exclusive use Wedding venue and corporate events facility.  

How long did you work there?
I was there for 14 months.  

The best and worst memories from your previous job?
Best: The satisfaction you got from making peoples wedding days exceed their expectations and watching the stress and anxiety disappear as they drank and partied the night away!!  SureSet Sales Advisor running with his Super Hero

Worst: 60-80 hour weeks…  

What prompted the need to change?
I wanted a job with sensible ‘office’ hours closer to home so I can create a structured winter training plan.  

Also, after working in the leisure industry for 12 years, the thought of every weekend off is a DREAM!!  

How did you feel on your first day?
Slightly nervous and a bit overwhelmed by all the computer programs and processes involved.  

What were your first impressions of SureSet/staff?
I knew a few staff members previous to starting here, and had heard good things so expectations were high…

Everyone is brilliant and every department is happy to help and answer questions!!  

We know you train hard – how/why/when did that start?
The Triathlons started in 2011 when I worked in a bike shop as a mechanic and got to know the local triathlon community. I started cycling with them and one thing led to another…now I’m an ironman!

I joined a friend’s new gym/kettlebell class in 2012 which has now developed into one of the largest fitness communities in the local area, I spend most evenings there!  

Do you have any other hobbies?
Anything sport/fitness/outside related and I’m there.  

I am also a keen musician playing drums and saxophone, and can pick up and learn to play most instruments… except guitars!!  

What did you want to be when you were young?
Always wanted to play drums in a rock band and one of my first influences was Status Quo…so it’s been a secret dream to drum with them one day….  

Who is your favourite super hero and why?
Deadpool (if that counts) as he suits my sense of humour!  

Tells us something about you that nobody knows…
I used to be in a band with a record deal, I have been in national music magazines and have had an album released (in HMV/iTunes/Amazon etc. etc.) in 2011.