Meet Clifford Sayki, our resident poet!

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Posted 20th July 2018 by Y Holloway


We’d like to introduce you to Clifford Sayki, who joined SureSet as Site Inspector in May 2017; a great addition to our Operations Team!

Here’s a short Q&A session with Clifford so you can get to know him better…

What made you apply for a job at SureSet?

“I actually came in through the ‘side door’. I first worked in the warehouse at SureSet via an agency. Given my penchant for detail and accuracy and a love of travelling, I thought it was a wonderful opportunity! And so, when a permanent position became available in the Operations Team I applied for it.”

fWhat qualifications do you have?

“I have a degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology as Biology was my favourite subject in school. For me, the novelty of investigating how the body works has never worn off!”

Have you always had a flair for writing?

“I’m not sure I do but thank you! I think my love of rhymes stems from a mixture of an inspirational GCSE English literature teacher, a love of Shakespeare, and a teenage obsession with Hip-Hop music; from Nas to MC Hammer, it was all good baby!”

You can see examples of Clifford’s talent at the end of this Blog…

Where do you see yourself in five years?

“Ha! In Copacabana during the winter months, drinking pineapple-based beverages…while setting up a Brazilian branch of SureSet of course.”

What is it like working at SureSet?

“It’s as mad as a box of frogs and I love it!

Every single day is different; one day I could be on the Investec rooftop in London dancing around to avoid a lightning thunderstorm and the next I find myself shuffling along on my back under scaffolding in Cambridge to get accurate area measurements.

There are always challenges that you could never imagine popping up all the time! I meet and beat these challenges with the support of a fantastic Team in the office; professional to the hilt, but also don’t take themselves too seriously (Daniel Ball apart).”

What is your role at SureSet?

“I am a Site Inspector, which means I survey an (active) site and file a report in preparation for our Site Installation Team to work their resin magic.

To be going to different parts of the country and appreciating residential and commercial constructive wonders and learning about industry regulations…I think I am blessed.”

When you are not at work, what do you like to do?

“When I can tear myself away from work, I attempt to play the drums (I think there’s a colleague in Marketing who can help me with this one!). Or trying to keep fit with my custom-made home gym – picture hands on the carpet, feet on the sofa while attempting press ups – just boss!”

As promised here’s a couple of examples of Clifford’s poetry – let us know what you think…

Thought of Fort William

This trail leads me,
Flying Bristol to Glasgow,
An understated reception,
Unbelievably, no snow.

The drive that’s breath-taking,
Dovetailing side by side Loch Lomond,
With the following infinite mountainous beauty (Ben Nevis),
I create a new bond.

Connery never mentioned Fort William,
An alluring seafront haven;
A most radiant setting,
For our resin-bound paving.

The lodge haggis delectable,
As much as the home journey long,
But in line with the adventurous SureSet –
Undoubtedly UK’S No.1.

Ode to Scotland

String line, blocks, boots, wedges,
Council office décor pledges,
Fast safe flight anticipation,
Fort William the destination.

4am start,
Glasgow airport safely through,
Yes of course I downed Irn-Bru!

On site now,
Concrete, cracks, and deep crevices,
But the sun’s out,
And I feel like I’ve climbed Ben Nevis.

Time to go now,
Worked up and appetite innit?
Full fry-up with on point haggis,
Trust me, that’s the SureSet spirit.




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