Making communal gardens safer

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Posted 21st August 2017 by Ben Shave


When designing a commercial or communal garden, you want it to be pretty and inviting but safety is also a top priority. Gardens with a high footfall need to be extremely safe and functional, so its users can have an enjoyable experience and use the facilities without fear of hurting themselves.

Outdoor environments which will have vulnerable guests, such as children or elderly people, need to go even further when it comes to safety. For example, school playgrounds might require woodchip or another soft surface which can reduce the chance of injury if anybody falls off the equipment. A care home garden shouldn’t have any steps if possible, and large pathways which are easy for wheelchair users. Landscape designers need to take these factors into consideration when designing public gardens.

The benefits of gardens

Gardens are a wonderful place to relax and enjoy some fresh air, as well as look out for birdlife and other wildlife. Especially for older people or seriously ill patients in hospital who can’t get out much, spending time in an attractive and peaceful garden can be critical for wellbeing.

A well designed garden also stimulates all the senses, which is another reason why it is a good place for the very young and the very old. Gardens and gardening has been proven to beat depression and reduce stress, and of course spending time outdoors can also boost vitamin D levels. However, if we want to encourage people to go outside and enjoy communal gardens, they need to be safe, accessible and welcoming.

How SureSet improves communal gardens

Whether it’s a communal garden in a residential block or a courtyard in a care home, SureSet is the ideal choice for public outdoor spaces. As a versatile material, resin bound paving can be used for pathways, patios, garden paving, courtyards, tree pits and leisure paving. There are many colour choices and textures available, even bright and creative designs for schools and leisure parks.

Communal gardens often have a high footfall, so a hardwearing solution is essential – SureSet resin bound products are extremely durable and come with an 18 year guarantee against cracks and damage. It has an exceedingly smooth finish, so the flooring is ideal for buggies and wheelchairs, and can also prevent slips and trips. Additionally, permeable paving reduces puddles which can in turn reduce accidents in the garden and allow it to be open for more days of the year.

Communal courtyards and gardens have to put safety first, and SureSet paving is one of the safest options available.

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