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If you are looking to make your garden and outdoor space more eco-friendly and environmentally friendly, then we have lots of wonderful ideas for you to try. Being eco-friendly is something that begins at home, and it’s something that you can become passionate about.

Enhancing your garden in this way is about giving back to mother nature and using less chemicals and organic growing methods.  Eco-friendly products are designed to have little to no damaging effect on the environment and I am sure you will agree this is something everyone should try and use where possible.

When planning your garden design, take into consideration the zones you want to have for access, paving/patio, pathways, flower beds, planting areas and tree pits.  There are many products and sustainable practices to take into account to make it more green and reduce its impact on the environment, below we discuss some of our ideas:

Invest in recycled resin bound paving

Resin bound paving is ideal for outdoor spaces, and it’s a method that is becoming more and more popular. This type of paving  offers many benefits over traditional methods of paving, and one of these is that it can be done using recycled materials! For example, our resin bound paving can be produced or installed using recycled materials from either waste or by-products, including crushed mirrors, recycled coloured glass and crushed shells (oysters, lobsters, crabs and scallops). It’s a fantastic way of updating the surfacing in your garden, whilst doing it in an eco-friendly and attractive way. It looks great, but it’s also great knowing you’ve helped the environment too.

Our recycled paving range can be viewed here for inspiration.

Use recycled materials for decorating

You can use websites such as Gumtree, eBay and Facebook Marketplace to find plenty of amazing second-hand items you can recycle and reuse in your own home and garden. Charity shops, auctions and car boot sales can also be great for finding good condition products for a bargain!  Take a look at these kinds of websites, places or shops for people who are getting rid of plant pots, benches, tables, etc – as these can all be reused and reposed into your eco-friendly garden. Decorating and upcycling old items can really add some personality to your outdoor space too.

Water conservation

This is absolutely essential when thinking about making your garden more eco-friendly. It’s very easy to install a water butt on every downpipe – and you can then pick the container to hold the water in (depending on what is available locally). For example, you might go for beautiful old oak barrels, or you might want to reuse some plastic tubs.  Collecting rainwater to be re-used is the perfect way for watering your plants, and as the UK is prone to a good downpour, filling up water butts shouldn’t be a problem.  If you are really serious about conserving the water, you can also look to plant flowers which need watering less frequently or only require it at certain times of the day. Not only are you recycling the water, you are saving money on your own water bills.

If you have an area where you are planning to use permeable resin bound paving, you could install onto water trays to save the water draining through the paving too.  You can read more about our products permeability, click here.

Grow your own produce

Growing your own produce and food is one of the best possible things you can do for the environment, and it makes your garden an eco-friendly haven. Fresh fruit and vegetables will have a high nutritional value and having vegetables and herbs growing in your garden means you cut down on your carbon footprint, because you can simply walk to your garden to pick them (instead of driving to a supermarket). It’ll also give your garden a purpose too, and nothing beats the satisfaction of growing your own food. For many people this can also turn into a lovely hobby and can be very motivational to get involved in. You can make your own planters for growing in quite easily by looking out for wood, sleepers, or even barrels using the second-hand sources we mentioned earlier.

Enhance the area with planting and wildlife

You do not have to be a horticulturist to create a beautiful flower bed.  Bring a splash of colour to your garden whilst helping the environment.  Planting flowers such as native wildflowers will be easy to grow and maintain, they will also attract bees and butterflies.  Research says that pollinators are on the decline and gardens play a large part in reversing this.  The RHS (Royal Horticulturist Society) have created a ‘Plants for Pollinators’ symbol to assist you when looking for plants which are suitable.   If you have space, you could plant a tree, this can provide additional benefits to homeowners such as shade and reduced noise pollution.

Save electricity

A great way to give your garden a makeover is to add lights or even water features.  Both of these options can be done using solar power which will save electricity.  Solar power converts energy from sunlight into electricity so during the day this will store up and especially in the summer months when you are using the garden more during the evening your features will still be active for you to enjoy.  Having solar panels will not only reduce your carbon footprint but they will improve the value of your home and make it more desirable.


See our case study showing lights incorporated into a resin bound paving patio.

For more information on our sustainability, visit our website page.

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