Looking for driveway options?

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Posted 17th November 2016 by Jim Newton


Looking for driveway options?

Of all the driveway surfacing to choose from, a resin bound driveway combines good looks with practicality by providing a permeable, accessible, durable, SuDS compliant, UV stable surface that doesn’t need planning permission.

When installed by a reputable resin bound paving company, your driveway, with just a little maintenance, will reward you with many years of outstanding performance.

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Factors To Consider

Whether you’re installing a new driveway, or you want to renovate your existing one, there are several factors you should consider. These factors include:

  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • Weather conditions
  • Aesthetics

Each of them can influence the design as well as the materials you use. Let’s take a closer look.


It’s safe to say that, for most people, cost is one of the most important factors involved in installing a driveway. The cost of a resin bound driveway depends on elements such as the size and layout of the area to be paved, the material and size of the aggregate used, the resin used, the depth, the surface on which the paving will be laid, the edging used, and transport and labour.

With this in mind, it’s obvious that you would want value for money, and that’s what you get with SureSet. The average driveway project costs between £50 and £70/per m², which compares well with the cost of other materials, such as asphalt.


If you’re going to put time, money, and effort into installing or revitalising your driveway, you want it to last. The durability of a driveway should not be thought of only in terms of cracking or loose stone.

You also need to consider things such as damaged caused by vehicles with oil leaks, damage caused by severe frost, fading colours, and degradation caused by the sun’s UV rays. When you choose SureSet, you know you’re choosing products that, with proper care and maintenance, can last for more than two decades.


No matter what material you choose for your driveway, it’s going to require regular care and maintenance if you want to keep it in tip-top condition. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t want to spend hours cleaning or otherwise maintaining your driveway every week.

This means you should choose a paving material that is easy to maintain. You can find out more about how easy it is to clean SureSet below. In addition to easy cleaning, our resin bound paving is easy to repair yourself, especially if it’s only a small patch that needs work.

Weather Conditions

Your local weather conditions are another factor that should influence your decisions when installing a driveway. While all surfaces are affected by weather conditions, some respond better to UV light, temperature fluctuations, rain, frost, and snow, and other elements.

If your driveway is in a position that receives full sun all day, choose a paving material that can withstand harsh UV light. The UK’s wet climate is another element to consider. Flooding caused by surface water is becoming a serious problem, which is why local councils make it easier for homeowners to use permeable paving. When SureSet resin bound permeable paving sets, it forms minute gaps and furrows. This decreases the amount of run-off, and it prevents puddles from forming.


Your driveway should add to your home’s kerb appeal, rather than detract from it. For this reason, the design as well as the materials you choose should harmonise with your house and with the immediate landscape. SureSet’s paving range includes a variety of products that let you create the perfect driveway for your property.


The benefits of choosing a SureSet resin bound driveway…     

21 year guarantee
When installed by a SureSet Approved Installer, your domestic driveway comes with an 21 year guarantee against loose stone; cracking; oil damage; UV degradation; colour change and frost damage.    

No loose stone
SureSet resin bound driveways deliver a beautifully smooth, accessible finish with no loose stone to migrate into other areas – making it foot friendly, ideal for adjoining lawn areas and pool surrounds and easy to take the wheelie bin out!    

Low maintenance
A SureSet resin bound gravel driveway only needs periodic sweeping and occasional power washing to keep it looking as good as new. The technology of SureSet minimises weed growth and reduces puddles.

Watch this video maintenance guide.

The wide range of UV stable colour and texture options, to either complement or contrast any adjacent surfaces, allowing you to create a truly unique resin driveway. SureSet can even create bespoke colour blends for perfect colour matching.

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What is resin bound paving?

Made in the UK, SureSet is natural aggregate, marble or recycled materials and clear resin mixed thoroughly together. During the mixing process each particle of stone is completely covered in the resin to form a structurally stable 3D matrix. During the laying process, minute voids are created that mimic natural drainage.

Suitable bases for SureSet…

Simple SuDS baseSureSet sub-base SureCell

  • Starting with a geo-textile membrane layer, laid to prevent the upward migration of fine soil particles.
  • Then a layer of SureCell® infilled with gravel. For heavy use an additional layer of SureCell is used.
  • Finally a 10mm layer of SureSet SuDS mix is installed at a 30mm depth.

New or existing asphalt 

  • SureSet can be laid directly onto an existing asphalt surface or a newly installed one once it has cooled.
  • The asphalt should be laid onto an appropriate granular sub-base, of adequate depth to accept the expected weight of use.

New or existing concrete

  • Existing concrete – thoroughly cleaned and primed with a polymer based primer before SureSet permeable paving is installed.
  • Freshly laid – a minimum of seven days must be allowed and the surface primed using a polymer based primer before SureSet permeable paving is installed.While SureSet itself is crack resistant, it will ultimately reflect cracks in the concrete base and movement joints must be included in the plans.  

You can find more detailed information about suitable bases on our website.

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