Let’s make the most of this beautiful weather…

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Posted 26th July 2019 by Ben Shave


The forecast is getting better, the days are getting longer, evenings are brighter and we all want to make the most of them right?

You might enjoy going out for a nice countryside walk with your family or a furry friend, visiting a local pub for a lovely cool drink in the setting sunshine on the terrace, going for a bike ride or enjoying a BBQ in the comfort of your own garden.

All of these activities have the possibility of a SureSet application on pathways, cycle paths, terraces or patios which can provide you with an enhanced experience by offering an aesthetically appealing, smooth, free draining, environmentally friendly surface available in a variety of colours.

You can prepare your garden (or pub garden) for summer with SureSet Resin Bound paving. You can now purchase our DIY Kits, TradePacks or PatioPacks which are suitable for anyone to use including novices.

If you are considering a SureSet application to enhance your garden before throwing your summer parties and BBQ’s with friends and family you can find out here what steps you need to take to prepare your patio:

1. Ensure there is a stable base in place, visit our downloads page for information on stable bases.

2. Choose a type of edging to compliment your choice of SureSet paving and ensure that it is in place prior to installation

3. Clean the base which you are intending to install onto. Ensure it is free from dust, debris, and detritus

4. If a new base has been installed ensure it is dry and cures (if concrete)

5. Order DIY Kits or TradePacks which are easy to self-install using our excellent guidelines, available to buy online – SureSet Shop

6. Follow instructions for installation.

7. Wait until it has cured.

8. Add furniture

9. Put the BBQ on and enjoy!

View some completed garden project Houzz and start creating idea boards on Pinterest.