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Posted 8th October 2012 by Kevin Weston


Laying permeable paving in the wet

We often hear from various sources, claims of resin bound systems that can be laid in the rain with no ill effects on the performance of the material.  We ourselves have investigated various resin chemistries which claim to be tolerant of wetter conditions upon laying, but this tends to be a matter of degree and we are talking about slightly damp rather than a full on drenching.

Common sense would tend to tell us that, apart from the detrimental effects that the combination of the presence of water and often cooler temperatures have on the curing of resin systems, it is extremely doubtful that effective bonding can be made to a substrate or aggregates which are covered by a film of water.  Even resin systems dispersed in water will suffer as a result of dilution and delayed curing.  We are not aware of any practical system that can be used successfully, regardless of the weather.

The reality is that in our climate a practical and economic resin bound system which is completely water tolerant, will bond to wet surfaces and will match the performance of current systems is very much like the quest for the Holy Grail, but we keep on looking!