Keeping Your Patio Looking Brand New – A Handy Guide

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Posted 11th September 2020 by SureSet Team


Whether you use your patio for al fresco dining, entertaining friends, or various forms of recreation, you’ll want the space to look as inviting as possible. Keeping your patio looking brand new shouldn’t require a massive amount of effort, especially if you’ve used SureSet.

By following the tips in our guide, you can make patio maintenance easy and effective.

Weekly Cleaning

In addition to being permeable and durable, SureSet paving is easy to clean and maintain. If you’re serious about keeping your patio looking brand new, you should include giving it a sweep and hosing it among your weekly household chores.

When it comes to your choice of broom, don’t pick something with soft, flimsy bristles. You’ll end up putting in more effort, and the results won’t be ideal. We recommend using a broom with stiff bristles. When SureSet permeable paving is laid, it forms voids that mimic the natural drainage of gravel, pebbles, and soil. Using a stiff broom allows the bristles to dislodge dust, dirt, and debris that collects in those voids.

Hosing is another important part of maintenance. Use the hose to wash away the stubborn dirt that you couldn’t sweep away. Don’t be tempted to leave spills for cleaning later. Clean them as soon as possible to make future maintenance easier for yourself.

Regular Pressure Washing

Regular pressure washing will also help with keeping your patio looking brand new. How often you do it depends on the sort of use your patio gets. If it is exposed to heavy dirt and grime often, you should consider pressure washing it more frequently.

For pressure washing use cool water in a 150bar pressure washer with a flat-nozzle water lance. Hold the water lance approximately 20cm from the surface and then make a sweeping motion, as though you were sweeping the area with a broom. Don’t be tempted to increase the pressure beyond 150bar, as a higher pressure could damage the paving.

Seasonal Maintenance

You have a better chance of keeping your patio looking brand new if you do a bit of basic seasonal maintenance.

Winter and Spring: As SureSet paving is permeable, it prevents rainwater from pooling. This means there’s less chance of ice forming on the surface. However, winter and early spring can bring freezing temperatures and snow and can lead to patches of ice forming.

An important part of maintaining your patio is to sprinkle a layer of rock salt on it when icy temperatures are predicted. The salt will prevent ice from forming on the surface. Be sure to hose your paving down well with clean water after the cold spell.

If you need to remove snow, we recommend using a plastic snow shovel. Try to avoid using a metal shovel, as metal can damage the surface of the paving.

Summer: Although the growth of algae and moss is not limited to summer, it’s at its most aggressive then. Not only are algae and moss unsightly, they can also pose health risks and be slippery.

If you notice moss or algae growing, spray the area with an algaecide periodically.

Autumn: It’s a good idea to sweep away any dead leaves as part of your patio maintenance during summer, but it is not essential. You can get away with leaving them there for a few days if need be. However, autumn brings an abundance of dead leaves that decay quickly, especially in damp conditions.

Decaying is not all they do. Mouldering leaves can become slimy, which presents a slipping hazard. What’s more, they can leave unsightly black stains on the paving. Sweeping away dead leaves during autumn will help with maintaining your patio and keeping it clean and safe.

Special Care – Heavy Loads

Keeping your patio looking brand new is not only about cleaning routines and the equipment or products that can aid you in your task. It also has to do with what you do on the area.

Although SureSet permeable paving is durable, you still need to take care when moving heavy loads on it. You should do your best to avoid dragging heavy loads across the paving because that can damage it. If you need to move a heavy object, first put down planks to form tracks on which you can move the load.

Patch Repairs – DIY Kits

If your paving is damaged while you shovel snow, when moving a heavy object across it, or in some other way, patch repairs may need to be part of your patio maintenance. You can call out a team of specialists from SureSet, but it may be worth your while to do it yourself.

We offer a selection of DIY kits and packs. The packs are designed for installing patios, driveways, and pathways. The kits, on the other hand, are ideal smaller areas and for repairs.

Each kit includes enough aggregate and resin to cover an area of 0.5m² with a depth of 16mm. The kits also include sand and grit, a spatula and mixing tub, gloves, and comprehensive instructions. They are easy to use and can give your outdoor area a new lease on life.

By following the advice above, you should have no trouble at all keeping your patio looking brand new and ready for whatever you choose to use it for.

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