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Posted 29th September 2017 by Jim Newton


With experience of resin bound paving and ceramic tiles, and a friendship going back to 2013, HiSkin was established by Massimo and Simone in February 2016.

Massimo and Simone heard about SureSet from someone who spoke about the quality and reputation of the Company.

They studied our website and those of our competitors, to get a better understanding of the resin bound market. Impressed by the passion and commitment to specialise only in resin bound paving, they chose to contact SureSet.

We made the decision to work with SureSet after coming to the UK for our training and meeting Jim and Joni. We realised the potential for a good relationship and during the last 18 months this has proved true.

We have not only found a good business partner, but also good friends.”

It is of paramount importance to us (SureSet) that all resin bound permeable paving blends are individually formulated using combinations of visually attractive stone chippings which are bound together with exactly the right amount of clear polymer resin.

HiSkin are proud to be able to use locally sourced aggregate and marble on their projects. The stone they used is assessed, by our Technical Team, for its type, size and physical characteristics and for the correct resin ratio to ensure that the end resin bound product is perfectly optimised for its particular application.

Based in Busalla, a large tranquil town in Genova, Italy, HiSkin now employ 11 people working in the north and centre of Italy, France, Switzerland and Slovenia installing both commercial and residential projects.

While the majority of their work comes via well-deserved recommendations, HiSkin are planning their first advertising campaign to help widen their geographical coverage to the south of Italy, Austria and Albania.

HiSkin use power floats on every single project and can also install sub-base if required using mainly porous concrete or our grid structure sub-base, SureCell®.

HiSkin’s very first project using SureSet was the Centrale Idrodinamica of Old Port in Trieste; near the Sea Museum and ancient port, and since then, many more have followed, including:

San Remo, a city on the Mediterranean coast of western Liguria in north-western Italy.

“We love how our installation here adds to the beauty of this wonderful property.”


Cravanzana is in the Province of Cuneo in the Italian region of Piedmont, around 37 miles southeast of Turin.


Uggiate Trevano is in the Province of Como in the Italian region Lombardy, around 25 miles northwest of Milan and 6 miles from the border with Switzerland.


Forte dei Marmi 1, a seaside town in the province of Lucca, in northern Tuscany.


San Giusto Cathedral, the main church of Trieste, in northern Italy.

“This is one of our favourite projects because of its prominence and history.”


Molina di Ledro can be found around 22 miles southwest of Trento.


Noli is a coastal town in the Province of Savona, approximately 31 miles southwest of Genoa.


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