Introducing The Resin Bull

SureSet likes to work alongside key suppliers in the industry who we trust and offer value to our customers.  It is a great pleasure that we are proud to bring to you our latest collaboration with The Resin Bull.  We are now selling The Resin Bull’s dual handled floats from our online shop.  Alongside our single-handled floats, it is great to add a new product as another option for all resin bound paving installers.

This new product is described by resin bound installers as a “game-changer” when it comes to trowelling material, the dual handled float allows you to apply more pressure which therefore bonds the material together more efficiently.

Speaking with Daniel Cooper, Director of , he says:

“We have been installing resin bound paving for 18 years and my opinion as a contractor is that it is important to get superior bond strength with the trowel which results in better compaction.

The dual trowel idea started two and a half years ago when we used to cut off handles from old trowels and weld them onto the new ones to create two handles.  We were then able to create something new with a friend who worked in the metal industry.

When using one hand, there can be insufficient compaction.  Ever since we have been promoting the double handle trowel there has been better workmanship on site.”

Types of floats for resin bound

The Resin Bull manufacture tools specifically for the resin bound industry and the lightweight design is available in several sizes to suit your project needs.  SureSet will be offering the following options on the shop:

  • The Resin Bull LT500

A 500mm long, dual handled float with symmetrically rounded ends, suitable for all applications.

  • The Resin Bull LT450

A 450mm long, dual handled float with symmetrically rounded ends, suitable for driveway and pathway installations.

  • The Baby Bull

The single handled float is small in size with a pointed end making it ideal for laying into corners and suitable for intricate design areas.

When using the ‘The Baby Bull’, our Approved Installer; Karl Drake at Perma Stone Paving said

It is brilliant.  Gets into all of the detailed areas and is good to use.”

Installation methods

Training to use these trowels is important as installers will need to use the different tools correctly.  When using a single-handled float you are dependent on arm strength to create the required compaction.  With a dual handled float you are able to comfortably use body strength which is evenly distributed. A slightly different technique that enables a more equal and compacted finish. The lightweight design also provides added control and comfort which should make it easier to trowel, enable you to add more pressure, therefore gaining better compaction in the resin bound material.

Resin bound paving is a low energy product, the resin and aggregate is mixed cold on-site in a forced action paddle mixer.  It is then distributed before being laid and compacted in place leaving a seamless, smooth finish ideal for a wide range of applications.

Suitable application types for resin bound paving include (but are not limited to):

  • Driveways
  • Pathways
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Patios
  • Decorative areas
  • Car parks
  • Access road
  • Tree pits

The flexibility and wide colour range of the products means design possibilities are endless.  With a choice for everyone, you could blend in with the surroundings using our natural aggregate range or stand out from a crowd with the coloured recycled glass, Spectrum range.  Use resin bound alongside other paving materials such as slabs, blocks, wood or tiles to add texture, design features and demarcations.

When it comes to the laying process, there are different methods and tools used for installing resin bound paving.  The traditional method of hand floating which is still greatly used is also ideal for small projects, edges, designs and intricate areas. For larger projects a mechanical trowel can also be used.  Whilst both are very effective, they offer different benefits to the overall project.  To see more about our installation methods, view our video .

Cleaning your Resin Bull Float

Throughout the installation it is important to take care of your floats and keep them lubricated using .   This will increase the longevity of your float but also help prevent burnishing marks appearing on the resin bound material, especially when installing light aggregate colours.

SureSet is the latest distributor to work with The Resin Bull. We are delighted to offer their dual handled floats in 3 sizes, now available to purchase on our online shop .   Resin Bull Floats are also on offer when they are purchased alongside our DIY & Trade products such as ProResin, , , and .  Use the discount code of RB25 for 25% off your Resin Bull Float.  (Only valid on the first float added to your order).

If you wish to purchase a Resin Bull float for delivery outside the UK.  Please email us at [email protected] and we can arrange this for you.

Resin bound paving is:

  •  Durable
  • Stunning in appearance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Permeable
  • UV Stable
  • Bound with no loose stone
  • Flexible
  • Wheelchair and buggy friendly
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures both hot and cold
  • Can be installed around other current surfaces
  • Available in a huge spectrum of colours and finishes …

To see who else we work with, click .

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