Introducing our Simple SuDS Base

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Posted 28th October 2016 by Jim Newton


Are you looking for a no-dig sub-base for your project?  

Our Simple SuDS Base is a three-layer, fully permeable system comprising of:

  • A geotextile membrane – preventing the upward migration of fine soil particles, that is laid onto a level and compacted sub-grade.
  • A layer of 52mm deep SureCell® sub-base – infilled with well compacted 4/10mm crushed aggregate, to BS EN 12620, is laid on top of the geotextile membrane.
  • 10mm SureSet resin bound gravel (in your chosen colour) is laid at a 30mm depth on top of the infilled SureCell, creating a surface suitable for pedestrian areas and straight driveways*.

*For heavier vehicular use (turning driveways, access roads, and car parks) we lay a double layer of SureCell.

About SureCell

SureCell is our own sub-base system – also known as ground reinforcement – it’s a cellular grid structure made from recycled plastic that is laid directly onto compacted stone and in-filled with gravel (aggregate). SureCell has a compressive strength of 400t/m². As with all groundworks, local specialist advice must be taken on the sub-base requirements for each project.

SureCell is:

  • Faster, cheaper and easier to install than most traditional sub-base systems
  • Installed by our expert Team
  • Super-strong and high load-bearing
  • Fully permeable, efficiently filtering water back into the natural water table
  • Covered by our 21-year guarantee
  • Fully compliant with SuDS.

We also offer SureCell in a TradePack for experienced tradesmen and builders to use on their own projects.

Environmental benefits of SureCell:

  • Also known as ground reinforcement, SureCell is a cellular grid structure made from recycled plastic; an interlocking, honeycomb system that is laid directly onto compacted stone and in-filled with gravel.
  • Made from 100% recycled material (HDPE), SureCell creates a fully permeable reinforced stable base, without the need for cementitious or bitumen-based products.
  • Reducing the need for heavy machinery, reduces potential damage to trees and plants and has a positive effect on pollution, the carbon footprint and minimizes on-site disruption from dust, erosion and runoff.
  • Providing a natural filtration: as surface or rainwater seeps through the sub-base impurities and pollutants caused by oils and metals are reduced or removed.  CIRIA, the leading body in SuDS research, states that a permeable surface can remove 60-95% of suspended solids and 70-90% of hydrocarbons.
  • SureCell is inert and stable, with an expected lifespan of over 50 years.

On our website, you will find more detailed information about how to specify and our specifications and brochures are available for download.

If you would rather talk to a person – give our friendly (and very helpful!) Technical Team a call on 01985 841 876.

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