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Posted 24th November 2011 by Kevin Weston


Resin bound paving not only provides a beautiful and durable surface, but it is also fast to install, allowing projects of all scale and complexity to be completed in remarkably short timescales.

As with all projects, the key to a perfect finish lies in good planning and preparation and in the case of resin bound paving, care must be taken in preparing the base, ensuring it has the strength and load-bearing capability required for the surface.

The base, which could be a new or existing concrete or asphalt surface, will need to be laid on a prepared sub base.  Advice on the required materials and the specification for the base and sub base is available from our website

The base should be laid level and whilst the top resin bound surface will accommodate any minor irregularities, there shouldn’t be any significant ‘cracks or undulations’.

The resin bound surface course will generally be at least 10mm thickness and so an edge restraint of some form will be required.  This could be traditional edgings or kerb units, with the sub base left below the top of the edge restraint ready for the paving to be laid.  If no edge restraint is specified, an edging strip may be used to provide a working edge for the surface. Similarly, access covers (such as manholes) will also need to be left proud of the base course layer.

The base is now ready for the resin bound paving surface.  The resin is a mix of two components and a hardening agent – the amount of which is determined by the required working time (which will be affected by the scale and complexity of the project).  The selected aggregate, or combination of aggregates, are then mixed with the resin – the precise mix depending on the required visual and performance characteristics of the surface.  SureSet provide a virtually limitless range of colours and textures to suit almost all project needs.

The material is then spread evenly with a lute and then hand floated to a compact and uniform level.  Quality resin bound paving systems will be suitable for use after 4-6 hours for pedestrian traffic and 12-16 hours for vehicular traffic.  Where possible, 24 hours would be ideal for a surface that will be heavily used, to ensure that it is fully cured.

The result is a beautiful and hard wearing surface which will give many years service and which requires virtually no maintenance.  Resistant to cracks, oil, UV-light and frost damage, the integrity of the resin bound surface will remain intact, preventing stones from becoming loose and weeds from growing through.

For larger areas, we have our own professional, skilled installation teams.  However for smaller areas we offer DIY kits which contain everything needed for smaller domestic projects.  Contact us directly for further information: 0800 135 7096, [email protected].

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