InBound® suitable for Indoor Flooring

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Posted 16th December 2014 by Diane Crowther

InBound for Indoors

InBound® brings you the opportunity to create a stunning SureSet resin bound surface inside.

An exciting alternative to other internal flooring such as marble, laminate and tiles, InBound is available in a huge range of colours, textures and finishes making it ideal for domestic, retail and commercial projects including:

Reception areas
Utility rooms
Wet rooms

Why choose InBound over other flooring options?

For a smooth, seamless finish
The smooth finish provides a surface perfect for pushchairs, wheelchairs and children’s indoor toys. The fact that it’s seamless not only gives you a great look but practically, it leaves no gaps for dirt to gather or edges to trip over.

The choice of colours, textures and finishes
Available in Natural Aggregates, Marble and Recycled Glass in colours ranging from traditional creams, greens and browns to vibrant primary colours. Because we colour in-house we can produce bespoke colour blends and even finish your floor off with a little sparkle!

It is extremely hard wearing
The durability of SureSet makes it tolerant of the high footfall experienced in retail and commercial environments, as well as the comings and goings of a busy family.

It is comfortable under foot
The smooth finish is very foot friendly and can be installed with under-floor heating to make it even more luxurious.

It is easy to clean
InBound is easy to maintain without any specialist treatment. See below for a summary of routine care.

Its unbeatable design potential
InBound offers interior designers, architects, developers and home owners the opportunity to create truly unique stunning surfaces. It is ideal for incorporating logo’s, letters, numbers and creating customised themes.

It can be installed with either with a permeable or sealed finish

Depending on the location, InBound can be installed as a permeable surface or finished with a clear sealant making it completely waterproof.

15 year guarantee
As with all SureSet installations InBound is covered by our unique 15 year guarantee. Giving you the assurance that your resin bound surface will stand the test of time.

Routine maintenance and cleaning
This is a brief summary on how to look after your InBound surface, a more detailed maintenance guide is available on request:

InBound can be cleaned just like any other flooring; sweep or vacuum and regularly mop using a hard surface cleaner diluted according to the supplier’s recommendations. For periodic deep cleaning an ‘Aquavac’ or similar can be used.

Stubborn stains can be cleaned using a stiff brush and a stronger solution of hard surface cleaner, ensuring to flush clear with a small amount of clean water. It is important that the minimum amount of water is used and any excess is soaked up using kitchen roll or similar.

Oil and grease
Remove any excess with an absorbent cloth and apply washing up liquid to the spill with a stiff brush. Flush with a small amount of clean warm water and soak up any excess with kitchen roll or similar. Repeat the process until no trace of oil/grease remains.

Remove excess food by lightly brushing or picking off with kitchen roll then clean remainder with the minimum amount of warm water. Repeat the process until the foodstuff has been completely removed and dry the surface.

Impact damage
SureSet is a very durable surface made with aggregates that have been specially selected not only for their attractive appearance but also their quality and consistency. In the unfortunate event that your SureSet floor is damaged by impact, don’t panic – it can be repaired!

Some SureSet floors may become marked by exceptionally heavy point loads (such as stilettos) which will crush the individual pieces of aggregate. Preventative measures are recommended to avoid this happening.

In the event of any damage please contact us for advice as soon as possible. Full maintenance instructions are available on request.

If you are interested in our InBound range or any of our other products then call us now on 01985 841180 or fill out our contact form.

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