How to Properly Clean your Patio – Tips & Tricks

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A patio is a great place to relax, but not if it’s a mess! Here are some top tips to help you keep your patio sparkling clean in the long run.

An attractive patio can form the centrepiece of a beautiful and relaxing garden. It is a place for you to sit with a book on a beautiful day, a place for your friends to come together for a barbeque, and a place for your family to play. Therefore, you need to know how to properly care for it as you’ll want the patio to last for a long time. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to keep your patio looking like brand-new for years to come.

A Little Bit Now & Then

Leaves and other debris will quickly build up especially in the autumn. As this debris decays, it may leave unsightly and hard-to-remove stains. Add a quick patio sweep with a stiff-bristled broom to your list of daily household chores to keep it looking clean and tidy. Frequent maintenance will do wonders and will help prevent the build-up of heavy debris. Regular maintenance will cut down on the length of time that it will take you to clean your patio.

The Perfect Time to Start

There is no need to thoroughly clean a patio more than once or twice a year. The best time for a deeper clean is during the springtime or early summer when it is warmer. With the worst of the winter weather gone and sunshine on the way, add cleaning the patio to your list of spring cleaning jobs. Cleaning the patio can be the first job in preparing the garden for the hot summer days. Wait for a fair weather day, then grab your supplies and get ready to get stuck into the work ahead.

Safety First

As with any task, please consider any dangers before starting to clean your patio. If you are using bleach or a pressure washer, please use gloves and eye protection to protect yourself. Wear old clothes and waterproof footwear as this job is bound to get wet and dirty at times.

Let’s Get Started

Use a hose to rinse the entire area down. Hosing down the patio will get rid of any loose dirt or debris and will help dislodge any weeds in the area. Brush the patio with a stiff natural bristled brush to remove anything still left. Avoid wire brushes as they may scuff and damage your patio.

Scrub A Dub Dub

To remove stains from your patio, you have a variety of options. Bleach will clean a patio and kill any weed roots at the same time. Mix one part bleach with ten parts water for a safe and manageable dilution. If stains are particularly severe, change this ratio to find what works best for you.

If you would prefer instead to clean your patio without chemicals, try either vinegar or baking soda as an alternative. When mixed with water, either one of these makes a great alternative natural cleaner. Mix a small amount to create a powerful cleaning agent. The good thing about baking powder and vinegar is that they are both also pet-safe! You will not have to worry about your faithful four-legged companions while cleaning as these products are unlikely to make them ill (but please don’t let them eat pure baking powder as this can cause vomiting). Use your stiff bristled brush to scrub any stains away. Let the mixture sit on particularly bad stains for a few minutes before you return to it. When you have finished cleaning, rinse down the patio again with your hose.

Tackle the Stubbornest Stains

If there is one stain that refuses to move, grab a power-washer to tackle it head-on.
Before doing so, check your patio can handle the high-pressure stream of water that issues from the power-washer. If your patio is made from a particularly soft stone or is old and weak, paving slabs or the mortar between the slabs may break apart when you use the power-washer. flying debris may cause harm or injury to either you or someone else. If your patio can’t withstand the pressure, use something gentler like a standard garden hose.
If you can use a power-washer, go over your patio in gentle, even strokes. Adjust the nozzle to get inside any cracks or slits to remove any particularly stubborn debris.

Finishing Up

Let your patio dry naturally before adding any further treatments to it. Pressure-washing can make the surface of your patio more susceptible to algae and moss. If this is not appealing to you, apply an anti-fungal treatment designed for fighting algae. There are plenty of pet-safe options on the market if you are worried about exposure to your pets.
Further Protection

To make your patio stay cleaner for just a bit longer, consider applying a coat of sealant. A sealant will protect your patio from stains and weather damage. However, you should consult a professional before doing so since sealants can often cause either damage or change the appearance of your patio. A professional will be able to recommend the best protection for your patio.

Alternative Options from SureSet

SureSet offers a variety of low maintenance, resin bound gravel perfect for creating your dream patio. With plenty of customisation choices and bespoke options, we are bound to have something to suit. Our patios are durable and environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, we offer a 21-year guarantee when your patio is laid by one of our Approved Installers and our cleaning services for when things get a bit grubby; allowing you to turn your attention to another spring cleaning task while we make your patio look as good as the day it was installed.

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