How to Improve Kerb Appeal with a Resin Bound Driveway

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Posted 30th June 2019 by Author Account

Improving the front of your home and enhancing the kerb appeal can make a huge difference to not only the overall appearance but how you feel when you arrive home. Being welcomed by a tidy, clean and well-kept driveway or front garden will definitely be a more calming approach.

Maybe you want to be the envy of all your neighbours? Perhaps you are putting the house up for sale and need to make a good impression to potential buyers from the front of your property. We would all like to improve our kerb appeal and ensure the exterior of our home looks welcoming and attractive and there are many ways in which you can do that. You might fancy a change and want to alter the garden landscaping at the front of your house by adding things such as flower beds, a water feature, or just tidying up the fence or wall surrounding your property, you could extend your existing driveway or pathway and even create a new parking area if you don’t already have one.

The front of a home says a lot about the people that live there, so it’s important to make a good impression. Resin bound paving is a premier choice when it comes to paving, especially for driveways and pathways. There are a range of colours, materials and effects to choose from to match the style of your property, and a resin bound surface also stays looking admirable for years to come – unlike some other concrete and gravel designs.  Due to the design flexibility with resin bound paving, it can be used alone or to compliment other paving materials.  You could define areas by using different colours and textures or even incorporate lighting in your design.

The benefits of using resin bound paving to enhance your kerb appeal:

  • Easy to install
  • Can be installed over new or existing surfaces
  • Low maintenance
  • Unlimited design flexibility
  • Can be matched with existing surfaces or the property
  • Wide range of colours and materials
  • 21 year guarantee when installed by SureSet, an Approved Installer or Global Partner
  • DIY and Trade options available for self-install
  • Smooth surface with no loose stone
  • Durable

Unique, smooth design

With a huge choice of textures and colour combinations, homeowners can enjoy a truly unique design which will ensure your front garden stands out from the rest. Resin bound paving has a beautifully smooth finish, without any joints or gaps where weeds can grow or dirt can gather. There is no loose stone or cracking which can cause a driveway to look unkempt. The smooth finish also creates a great surface for wheelchairs, pushchairs and bicycles making it a suitable entrance for everyone.

Design Flexibility

There are so many ways you can change the exterior of your home by updating the paving, driveway or garden.  Resin bound paving is perfect for providing you with unlimited design flexibility, not only through the colours and materials available but the way it can be laid.  Resin bound paving is hand laid so any shape can be formed using the product.  No matter the size or shape of your project, there will be a way in which it can be done.  If you want to incorporate your house name or number into the entrance or any other patterns or images, stencils or flexible edging will be used.  The natural colour range is ideal if you are looking to match or compliment the surrounding area, and if you want to contrast against other materials then look no further than resin bound paving.

Lasting brilliance

One of the main reasons to choose SureSet resin paving over other paving options is its longevity. Aside from the aesthetic advantages, resin bound paving is also a practical option and keeps its impressive appearance for years to come. The innovative material is durable and does not crack, it will not suffer frost or UV damage, meaning it will last through many summers and winters. SureSet are so sure of the driveway’s performance that they offer a 21 year guarantee when installed by SureSet, an Approved Installer or a Global Partner.

Low maintenance

Is there anything better for your kerb appeal than a front garden which requires little or no maintenance? It will look its best every time a neighbour walks past! It is very unusual for weeds to break through the resin bound paving, and the permeable design means water drains through the paving reducing standing water on the surface. All homeowners need to do to maintain the beautiful driveway is the occasional sweeping and power wash and it will keep looking like new.


Installation of permeable resin bound paving can be fast and simple laying up to 250m² in one day with no joints.  This means it is likely your project will be seamlessly completed ready for use the following day.  When installed by a SureSet Installation Team, an Approved Installer or Global Partner your paving will be covered by a 21 year guarantee.  Alternatively, for an experienced contractor or a keen DIYer there are supply only options available.  Trade and DIY products such as TradePacks, DIYPacks and ProResin are available to purchase on our online shop for your own installation.  Supply only products are not covered by the guarantee.


We have many case studies on residential projects to look through along with our gallery which we hope will give you some inspiration and ideas.

A resin bound driveway is a premier choice to boost kerb appeal – even celebrities have chosen it as a suitable driveway choice to keep their many cars. Browse the driveway paving range today.

For any questions or advice, please contact our Sales Team and they can discuss the best options for your project.

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