How to Improve Kerb Appeal with a Resin Bound Driveway

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Posted 30th June 2019 by Author Account

Do you want to be the envy of all your neighbours? Perhaps you’re putting the house up for sale and need to make a good impression from the front of your property. We’d all like to improve our kerb appeal and ensure the exterior of our home looks welcoming and attractive. You might fancy a change and want to alter the garden landscaping at the front of your house, and create a driveway if you don’t already have one.

The front of a home says a lot about the people that live there, so it’s important to make a good impression. Resin bound paving is a premier choice when it comes to paving, especially for driveways. There are a range of colours and effects to choose from to match the style of your property, and a resin bound driveway also stays looking admirable for years to come – unlike some other concrete and gravel designs.

Unique, smooth design

With a huge choice of textures and colour combinations, homeowners can enjoy a truly unique design which will ensure your front garden stands out from the rest. Resin bound paving has a beautifully smooth finish, without any gaps where weeds can grow or dirt can gather. There is no loose stone or cracking which can cause a driveway to look unkempt.

Lasting brilliance

One of the main reasons to choose SureSet resin paving over other driveway options is its longevity. Aside from the aesthetic advantages, resin bound paving is also a practical option and keeps its impressive appearance for years to come. The innovative material does not crack, won’t suffer frost or UV damage, meaning it will last through many summers and winters. SureSet are so sure of the driveway’s performance that they offer an 21 year guarantee.

Low maintenance

Is there anything better for your kerb appeal than a front garden which requires little or no maintenance? It will look its best every time a neighbour walks past! It is very unusual for weeds to break through the resin bound paving, and the design reduces standing water on the driveway. All homeowners need to do to maintain the beautiful driveway is the occasional sweeping and power wash.

A resin bound driveway is a premier choice to boost kerb appeal – even celebrities have chosen it as a suitable driveway choice to keep their many cars. Browse the driveway paving range today.