How To Find The Right Resin Colour/Design For Your Home Or Business

How To Find The Right Resin Colour/Design For Your Home Or Business
Congratulations on considering or deciding on a resin surface driveway or patio for your home! While making that decision was relatively easy, the next step of choosing the right colour and design for your home can be tricky.

While everyone has their specific tastes when it comes to colour and design, some colours and designs are better suited to traditional homes, while others are perfect for modern homes. There’s an array of shades to choose from at SureSet, so use our helpful tips to make the best choice for adding kerb appeal and greater value to your property.
Resin Bound Gravel Colour For Traditional Homes
If yours is a traditional home built in the 1920s or 1930s such as a terraced house or a cottage, it’s best to choose an aggregate with a colour that complements the architecture perfectly. Using a resin bound gravel colour that creates a clean, modern look for your driveway or patio will probably clash with your home’s design, no matter how good the idea sounds in theory.

It’s best to choose earthy, elegant, and subtle tones for traditional homes, especially if you’re installing a resin surface driveway that will receive a lot of traffic. These resin driveway colours are particularly good at hiding tyre marks caused by traffic that drags up mud. Consider aggregates with a mottled brown colour or a mix of softer and darker colours that creates a look similar to a pebbled beach.

You’ll find gorgeous examples of resin bound gravel colours for traditional homes in these previous projects:

Resin Surface Colours For Modern Homes
If your home is modern with simple lines and white or light-coloured walls, you’ll find a range of resin surface colours sure to complement this design. You can opt for a single type of aggregate for driveway or patio with a uniform shade or choose a mix of aggregates of different colours, sizes, and textures to create the perfect unique look for your property’s driveway.

By mixing different tonal colours, you can create a pleasing dappled effect for added visual interest. Take a look at these case studies for modern colour ideas for driveways and other paved areas:

Swimming Pool Resin Bound Gravel Colours
Permeable resin bound paving is an excellent choice for paved areas around a swimming pool.  Apart from not allowing puddles to form, this type has slip resistant properties, adding an extra element of safety.

When it comes to choosing the right colour for your pool area, it’s best to choose a single shade or a mix of aggregates that will create a natural look. Let sandy beaches, pebble beaches, lake beaches, and riverbeds inspire you with their sandy, stony, and other earthy colours. While lighter earthy colours aren’t the best choice for driveways due to British weather and vehicle traffic, they’re perfect for patio and pool paving that creates a natural look.

These previous pool paving projects are great examples:

Colours Of Resin Bound Driveways For Businesses
If you’re looking for colours of a resin bound driveways for your business, we recommend that you follow the same basic principles for traditional and modern homes. If your business is located in a traditional property, choose one or more aggregates in a colour or mix that won’t clash with the look and feel of the building for your driveway or car park. The same goes for a business located in a modern building.

That said, you can use SureSet to create a pattern, design or logo within your driveway, access road, or communal courtyard. Whether you choose your business logo or even the street number of the property, this can be a stunning way to differentiate your business premises from those around you.

Reasons To Choose A Resin Bound Surface
If you haven’t quite made up your mind about installing a resin surface at your home or business, consider these great reasons to choose SureSet permeable resin bound paving.

Resin bound paving is permeable, allowing rainwater, snowmelt, and other moisture to filter through to the ground or drainage system beneath the surface. Thanks to this permeability, these surfaces are SuDS-compliant, so you don’t require planning permission.

Resin bound paving is incredibly hard-wearing and easy to maintain, making it a good choice for high-traffic areas. What’s more, resin paving can withstand a wide range of temperatures, including extreme highs and lows. Last but not least, aggregates are available in a number of colours, sizes, and textures, offering an array of design possibilities, whether you’re looking for something more earthy and traditional or colourful and modern.
Choosing The Right Resin Surface Brand
Not all resin surface brands were created equal, so it’s important that you choose a brand known for delivering quality.

Choose an established brand with an excellent reputation and a solid track record for quality. If you’re not sure about a brand, peruse case studies and read customer reviews to get a good idea of its offering. Established in 1997 and going stronger than ever, SureSet certainly has the right credentials in this regard, as our many happy customers can testify.

Choose a brand that offers good quality materials. The aggregates should be sustainably sourced, the resin reliable, and any other materials, such as sub-bases, should be dependable. If in doubt, request a sample of your preferred aggregate and ask sector professionals or established landscapers to take a look at it. SureSet’s top-quality natural aggregates are sustainably sourced, whether they’re quarried or recycled.

Choose a brand that provides excellent durability in terms of your resin surface’s lifespan, and opt for an aggregate that is long-lasting, rather than basing your decision on looks alone. Properly installed by an approved contractor, SureSet’s resin bound paving has a 21-year guarantee.

Always go with a brand that offers resin of the highest quality. SureSet’s proprietary resin is weather- and UV-resistant, so it won’t fade, discolour, or crack as a result of sun exposure.
Bring Your Design To Life With SureSet
Once you’ve settled on your resin driveway colours, leave your project in the capable hands of SureSet and our approved installers (unless you don’t mind a bit of DIY). Whether you’re going for a uniform colour, a combination to create an interesting effect, or a solid colour broken by a logo or creative design, our team will make your vision a reality. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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