How can you create the wow factor for your shop front?

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Posted 5th April 2019 by SureSet Team


Every day thousands of us walk up and down high streets in and out of shops, and most of us take no notice of the entrances we walk through.

Can you recall the last time you took note of a shop front?

First impressions are everything and as a business owner it’s crucial for that people notice their shop front and take that all important step inside to browse their products.

A shop front is prime advertising space and it should do at least one, if not all, of the following:

  • Grab your attention to make you stop, look and give you a feel for what’s inside!
  • Speak to you, it should give you an insight of the type of business they are and what products they sell.
  • Be inviting, providing the right tone – hopefully enough for you to step in.

Whoever the next person may be, even for those less interested passing by, if the shop front has some of these elements they may just feel a little more curious, brave or just jolly nosey to step in and take a look around.

Was there anything memorable about it?

Brand colours, logo designs and interesting product displays will play an important part in how your shop looks and getting them through the door.  If the business is showcased well, customers remember the business or its location and they will return to you, or mention it to friends and family. Ensuring customers receive a memorable shopping experience will also be memorable but most importantly they will recommend you.

What reminds shoppers to go back again?

The answers will vary, for everyone will have different reasons for shopping and different expectations but they will all be based around,

  • Customer service, from warm and friendly to stand out unexpected excellence;
  • Products, from high quality to unusual or one of a kind;
  • Value for money, walking away feeling like you got extra from a free gift to discount or just knowing the price was right;
  • Loyalty return cards;
  • Appearance, from staff uniform to a quirky logo or building colour, to an interactive display or a fun paving design!

Whatever the reminder may be, there are plenty of ways to wow shoppers!

What would make your entrance more memorable?

If you are a business owner with a public entrance, you can make your business stand out from the high street competition with a branded entrance using resin bound paving for any of the following to

  • extend the shop floor outdoors;
  • include a company logo;
  • or company tagline;
  • add a welcome message;
  • keep brand colour(s).

Visualise your brand paved in the entrance, colour matching the painted woodwork and tying in all the products you have carefully displayed in the window.

Why use resin bound paving for a shop front?

Resin bound paving is durable, long-lasting and permeable – and in sum could be the answer. Not only will it reduce the amount of standing water at the entrance to your premises, our unique Spectrum range allows us to colour coat tumbled glass pellets to achieve just about any colour you desire. This lends itself well to creating resin bound logo designs.

The way in which resin bound paving materials are installed allows you to come up with something bespoke which we can tailor-make to your requirements.

We have replicated many resin bound logos for different businesses over the years and here is some feedback from one shop owner whose company sold high-end fire places. With their shop based in Bristol they needed an entrance to wow the foot traffic passing by, they commented on how we transformed the space…

“Great service from start to finish. From the first phone call to the final result I
have a had a brilliant experience with SureSet and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing external paving done”
James from The Fire Basket

Creating a stand out shop front can be done with the bright fun colours of our 3mm Spectrum recycled glass range. If you prefer to use something more subtle to create a statement, you can still achieve a memorable approach by using any of our colour ranges, such as golden tan aggregates from our natural gravel range or stunning white, luxurious grey to black resin bound marbles. Logos and artistic designs are achieved using MDF stencils, they can be defined with aluminium edging.

Our Natural Gravel, Crushed Rock, Luxury Marble and Spectrum ranges can provide any sought-after depth of colour – you can browse our vast range online and request free samples to be posted to your door.

You can read the full case study of the resin bound logo installation for The Fire Basket company in Bristol on our website where there are more images of the finished project.

How do I maintain a paved logo?

Maintenance of resin bound paving is fairly low, a simple sweep and wash is all it needs. Even after a long period of time when pressure washing becomes neglected you can bring the resin bound colours back to life. Read this case study of a project we completed over 15 years ago that was cleaned to bring life back to the crushed rock, natural stones and coloured glass materials that provides accessibility and a unique image to an outdoor Amphitheatre in Frome, Somerset.

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