How to Compromise with Creative Landscaping Designs

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Landscaping design doesn’t have to be compromised if you decide to use permeable paving. There are so many benefits to permeable paving: It looks as good as other paving material, has an added benefit of allowing water to drain naturally, therefore reducing any risk of flooding. It is ideal for both commercial and residential areas including driveways and car parks.

Landscaping is an important element to consider for any residential or commercial space. Landscaped surroundings can improve the appearance of any outdoor location. In addition to this, there are other practical advantages in carrying out landscaping work. It can help reduce water and soil erosion as well as promote temperature control.

Landscaping design has evolved in recent years. Some methods and materials remain popular and major developments in technology mean that you can choose from a myriad of paving materials that can suit any budget or specification. There is no need to consider any landscaping compromise on your design because these newer, less expensive materials can look, and perform, better than more expensive options.

Comparison of paving materials

The two primary categories of paving materials are quarried stone and composite. Quarried stone such as marble and granite are shaped to fit the path or area where it will be laid. Often more expensive, quarried stone looks and feels more expensive but may not be the most sustainable option. Composite materials such as precast paving blocks and bricks are pre-cast or pre-moulded while the material is still soft, and then allowed to dry.

Choosing permeable paving

Quarried stone and pre-cast paving materials are very attractive options when considering creative design landscaping but these types of conventional paving do not allow water to drain away easily, which can potentially cause a flooding risk. One solution to this problem is the use of permeable paving, which is as aesthetically pleasing as conventional materials, if not better and will allow water to seep directly into the ground.

Permeable paving is now widely used as part of many landscape design solutions for commercial spaces and residential homes. It is ideal for use in parking lots, driveways, ramps, school pavements, and communal courtyards. For paving materials for a commercial space or a preferred material to offer clients, here are some of the benefits of using permeable paving:

  • Natural drainage. Standing water should not be present on parking spaces or driveways and with permeable paving, there are small spaces or voids in the material that allow waters to pass through, limiting the occurrence of puddles and standing water.
  • Flood prevention. Surface water run-off is one of the main culprits of flash flooding. Permeable paving will absorb water instead of allowing it to run-off into the drainage system. This will greatly reduce the possibility of flash floods during heavy rains.
  • Reduces heat. When there is a large area paved with cement or other materials, there is a tendency for the area to heat up causing a “heat island effect”. The use of permeable paving in large commercial areas will help reduce the absorption of heat, thus preventing heat island effect.
  • Natural and sustainable materials. Resin-bound paving is made with natural and recycled material which makes it more sustainable and friendlier to the environment. The range of materials used includes recycled glass, plant extracts, natural aggregate, and recycled marble. Not only is resin-bound permeable paving more environment-friendly, it is also aesthetically pleasing and flexible enough to be incorporated into any design or style.

Ideas for landscaping with permeable paving

Aside from its obvious use as a paving material for driveways, parking lots, and ramps, there are many ways in which permeable paving can be used for creative design landscaping in both commercial and residential spaces.
You can use it to created paving designs or stunning, tree-lined paths leading up to a patio. Permeable paving material is also flexible enough to be molded into any shape or design. There is no requirement to cut and shape materials because this type of paving simply has to be laid and covered with resin. Permeable paving is so easy to use that many DIY backyard landscaping design ideas could be undertaken using this resin based option, especially for small garden installations.
Apart from giving flexibility in design, this type of paving also comes in a wide range of colours. You can choose from subtle, soft hues to more vibrant eye-catching shades. The choice of colour and texture can fit any design or style. From contemporary, traditional, or minimalist gardens, resin-bound paving is sure to make an impact.

DIY installation or professional?

Resin-bound permeable paving is easy to install and for smaller areas, such as smaller garden areas there are DIY kits available.
It is advised that large-scale commercial and residential installations are better installed by a professional company that has the necessary expertise to install on a larger area.

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