How the weather effects resin bound paving

Many may not realise how much the weather can affect the laying process of resin bound paving.    Whether the weather is wet, warm or cold outside there are things to be aware of during the preparation, mixing and installation sections of the process.

We provide a separate catalyst free of charge with every order of giving you full control over the cure rate of the material at any temperature.  Many installers still use pre-catalysed resin, trusting that the correct amount has been added prior to the installation day, but these days with high summer temperatures more regularly, many pre-catalysed resins become unworkable over 25°C.

Our in-house Technical Team have designed guidance for using ProResin at different temperatures which makes our product ideal to use all year round, giving the same great performance to the finished surface.

We have outlined below the main things to take note of during the ever-changing weather conditions we are susceptible to:

Wet weather:

  • You should never intend to lay during wet weather, and it’s no fun for your team!
  • In continuous heavy rain, do not proceed with laying.
  • Extreme care should be taken if laying during intermittent light rain.
  • Don’t lay onto wet surfaces. Standing water should be well brushed away and directed to drains.
  • Ensure your mixing area is under cover if brief showers are expected.
  • If the appearance or nature of the resin bound paving changes, this means it has been affected by water contamination.
  • Due to its permeable nature, once cured, no amount of rainwater will have a negative effect on the material. Water will simply pass through the surface to its natural drainage point.

Hot weather:

  • The best conditions to install resin bound paving is when it is warm and dry.
  • The catalyst (used to cure the material) amount will differ depending on air or ground temperatures. Guidance will be provided by SureSet when supplying ProResin.  Less catalyst will be required the warmer the temperature as you want to give yourself maximum working time with the material before it cures.
  • Once cured, the hot weather will not affect the integrity of the material.

Cold weather:

  • You should never intend to lay if the temperatures are at or below freezing (-0⁰C) especially if they are not forecast to increase.
  • Laying can commence at freezing (0⁰C) and rising as long as there is no frost or ice on the ground.
  • If temperatures are falling, always be cautious and monitor temperatures regularly.
  • Humidity should be monitored, and we advise not to proceed with installation if the level is above 87%.
  • Catalyst amounts will need to be checked to ensure the material will cure in sufficient time. In colder weather, more catalyst will be required.
  • Once cured, frost, snow or ice will not break down the material.

Please note that the above information is to be used as a guide and recommendations only, the decisions during installation should be made by the authorised person on site taking existing temperatures and weather into account.


Following your installation, no matter the temperature or weather conditions, resin bound paving will maintain its durability and functionality.

The benefits of SureSet resin bound paving:

  • It can be laid anywhere in the world.
  • No standing water due to its permeability.
  • Curing time can be fully controlled in hot or cold weather.
  • Salt can be added to the surface in frosty conditions without damaging the product.
  • ProResin UVR is UV stable.
  • A low maintenance surface.
  • Can be used for most applications such as (but not limited to) driveways, pathways, tree pits, swimming pool surrounds, car parks, access roads, steps and ramps.

When installed by a SureSet Approved Installer or Global Partner your resin bound paving is for 21 years against:

  • Loose stone
  • Oil damage
  • Cracking
  • Colour change
  • Frost damage
  • Softening
  • Workmanship

*conditions apply.

If you have any concerns about the weather conditions on site or require training, advice or guidance, please feel free to contact our Technical Team for assistance at or +44 (0) 1985 841180.  will be provided with your ProResin and further information can be found within our website.

For information on maintaining your surface long term, please see our for assistance.

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