How Roof Gardens Can Be Utilised All Year Round

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Posted 24th April 2020 by Y Holloway


Since ancient times, various cultures have put their roofs to good use, and we can certainly learn from their example. The following roof garden ideas explain how SureSet paving can add value to your building throughout the year.

Not only do roof gardens provide green spaces in the concrete jungle, they also can be of ecological benefit to buildings, and the surrounding area. SureSet permeable paving makes an excellent choice of material for converting your roof into a valuable asset.

Flexible Water Management

A SureSet roof garden can be an effective way to comply with water management requirements in a way that offers flexibility when it comes to seasonal roof garden ideas. The water that filters through the paved surfaces can trickle into a water attenuation or collection system under, or connected to, the paving.

Whether you consider typical summer rainfall, intense storms in early spring, autumn showers, or even winter snowmelt, permeable paving can help to collect or to disperse it slowly. This is just one of the reasons our paving is Sustainable Urban Draining Systems-compliant. It also offers you greater flexibility for winter roof garden ideas that may include planting bulbs, herbs or fresh produce.

Creating a Functional All Year Outside Space

The decrease in standing water and puddles means that spring and summer roof gardens can include raised beds in which flowering plants, shrubs, small trees, and vegetables can be grown. If a flat area is paved, it lends itself to container gardening, and to creating an appealing summer and autumn roof garden that can feature anything from a mini outdoor cinema, to a bar and BBQ area.

It is also possible to construct raised beds between straight or meandering paths using SureSet. Doing so will not negatively affect drainage of rainwater. The structure of the paving also means that you can walk around a winter roof garden to do basic maintenance without worrying about slippery surfaces.

An Ideal Growing Environment

The slow distribution and collection of water is not the only year-round benefit of a SureSet roof garden. Another is that water is filtered as it passes through the paving, which help remove various pollutants. This is an important consideration for summer or spring roof gardens in which vegetables are to be grown.  

Insulation is another area in which a SureSet roof garden can be of benefit. Concrete and other roof surfaces absorb heat during the day, and then release it slowly at night, which creates an island of heat. Permeable paving allows soil and the surface below to breathe, which means it retains less heat and plants won’t wilt and die.

With a little creative thinking and our roof garden ideas, you can utilise your outside space in so many ways, all year round. 

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