How resin bound paving reduces ongoing costs

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Posted 20th September 2017 by Ben Shave


Anybody who is investing in home improvements wants an assurance that the product will stand the test of time. Whether you’re installing a new conservatory or replacing the driveway, durability is an important element to consider – especially when comparing the costs of different products and suppliers.

Most homeowners expect some ongoing maintenance costs with external products, and are aware of the fact that the external elements might impact performance. When investing in garden landscaping, for example, most people won’t expect the paving stones or the patio to look as good in ten years’ time as it does when first fitted. What if we told you that it is possible to find durable external home improvements, built with longevity in mind?

Benefits of resin bound paving

Resin bound paving is an attractive alternative to gravel, concrete, decking and other forms of hard landscaping. It fuses natural aggregate, recycled materials and marble with resin to create a permeable, sustainable and longstanding paving stone. Resin bound paving can be used for driveways, patios, pool surrounds and garden pathways and steps.

Resin Bound Driveway

Resin Bound Garden Path

Resin Bound Garden Path

Resin Bound Pool Surround Luxury Marble - Alpine

Resin Bound Pool Surround Luxury Marble – Alpine

Resin Bound Paving Steps

Resin Bound Paving Steps

There are multiple benefits of resin bound paving, but a primary advantage is how durable it is and how little maintenance is required to keep it looking brand new. The paving is UV resistant, which means the colours won’t fade in sunlight. The paving is extremely robust against all weathers, and because it is permeable there will be no standing water to damage the surface. SureSet’s range of paving comes with an incredible 21 year guarantee against damage and loose stones – now that’s a worthwhile investment.

Maintenance costs of landscaping

When homeowners have a garden makeover, pathways and patios can be designed with concrete slabs, flags, asphalt, decking or gravel. While these types of landscaping can look impressive, it’s worth considering how much maintenance they require and how long they will last. Can weeds grow in between the cracks? Will the paving stand up against frost and other harsh weather conditions? What do you need to do to prevent moss? How many years before the flags start to look tired and crack? Will I need to pay to replace some flags in the future?

Gardens are difficult and expensive to maintain, so it makes sense to choose products which reduce the time and cost of maintenance. Resin bound paving offers exceptional performance year after year and requires very little maintenance. Regular sweeping and occasional power washing will remove dirt and grime, and you’ll never have to worry about weeding or whether heavy rain will cause damage. Other types of paving may need replacing after a few years, whereas SureSet is guaranteed to last 21 years or more.

Find out more about resin bound paving and how it can reduce the future costs of maintenance.

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