How Much Weight Can A Resin Surface Take?

With attractive colours, neat edging, a beautifully smooth finish, and SuDS compliance, it’s not surprising that a growing number of people are choosing resin bound surfaces. If you’re thinking about installing or upgrading a residential driveway or commercial carpark, you might be wondering how much weight can resin hold? Rest assured that, with the right choice of aggregate, your SureSet resin bound driveway or carpark can easily hold the weight of vehicles and foot traffic.

How Long Does A Resin Surface Last?
Wondering how long do resin bound driveways last? When properly installed and maintained, SureSet surfaces last for more than two decades.

To get the maximum lifespan out of your SureSet resin bound carpark or driveway, we recommend that you ask one of our approved installers to install it. When laid by an approved installer, SureSet resin surfaces have a 21-year guarantee. The Approved Installer will prepare the area, and lay the sub-base and the edging (if required).  Thereafter, they will mix the resin and your preferred aggregate onsite and pave the area with the resin-aggregate mix and smooth it to create a beautiful, even finish.

Can A Resin Surface Be Driven On?
One of the most common questions people ask when they’re considering SureSet for their new driveway is how much weight can a resin driveway take? Or, is it possible to drive on a resin surface? The short answer is, “Yes, you can drive on a resin driveway.”

However, this deserves some explanation.

Thanks to the hardness of the aggregates recommended for driveways and the way the resin-aggregate mixture forms, a correctly installed driveway is suitable for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Our approved installers usually lay driveways at a depth of 18mm. At this depth, SureSet driveways can take up to 7.5 tonnes. An average vehicle weighs only 1.4 tonnes, while large vans weigh approximately 3.5 tonnes. Whether you want to install or upgrade a residential or commercial driveway, resin bound paving is the way to go.

In addition to SureSet resin bound driveways being strong enough for vehicles to drive on, they won’t crack, fade, or turn yellow in the sun. Furthermore, you can use our resin bound paving for parking spaces. So, if your family has more than one vehicle, you can use the same resin and aggregate mix to create parking spaces. You can also add splashes of colour or bespoke designs, such as a business logo, in areas that won’t receive much or any traffic with our decorative aggregates such as Spectrum and our range made from recycled materials. It's worth noting that a resin driveway is only as strong as the surface on which it is laid. For a driveway, a good existing base for resin would be concrete or asphalt which is designed to hold heavy loads like traffic.

Take a look at the following case studies of driveways paved with SureSet:

A natural resin bound driveway for a home in Wales

A small driveway in Dorking

Paving for a Premier League footballer in London

A large driveway in France

Can A Resin Surface Be Used For A Carpark?
Given the answer to the question of how much weight can resin hold, you certainly can use a resin surface for a carpark. In fact, more and more businesses and local authorities are choosing permeable resin bound paving for their carparks.

Apart from being strong, environmentally friendly, and permeable (allowing rainwater to drain through to the ground or drainage system below the surface), resin bound carparks are far more attractive than asphalt and concrete. After all, usefulness and practicality are only part of the equation. Kerb appeal is important too, whether you’re looking to increase the value of your home or business premises or make a good first impression on visitors.

Installed with the correct drainage systems and construction, a SureSet resin bound carpark can easily form part of a SuDS system. Not only does the permeability of the paving help prevent runoff that can contribute to urban flooding, but it also allows rainwater and snowmelt to drain through into the ground, thereby replenishing the water table.

The good news is that, if you have an existing carpark paved with concrete or asphalt, our installers can use that as a sub-base for your SureSet carpark, even if they need to make a few alterations for improved drainage. If you’re having a new carpark installed, you can use our SureCell permeable sub-base, knowing that SureCell has been designed to complement our resin bound paving.

Click through to read these case studies of carparks paved with SureSet:

Aston Martin, Bristol

St Thomas Church, Balham

The Depot community theatre in Lewes

Highland Hospice

Benefits Of Resin Bound Paving
Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using SureSet resin bound paving, which may help you decide which paving to use for your driveway or carpark:

Permeability: When SureSet resin bound paving dries and cures, the aggregate-resin mix forms a structurally stable 3D matrix in which tiny voids form. Those minute spaces allow water on the surface to drain through to the drainage system or ground below, reducing puddles, pools, and runoff that could contribute to urban flooding.

Natural filtration: Oils, metals, and other impurities in water on the surface are filtered out as the water drains through the resin bound paving and into the ground below.

Aesthetics: Our resin bound paving made with natural, recycled, or other aggregates looks good, especially when our approved installers ensure a smooth finish.

Weather resistant: SureSet permeable resin bound paving is weather resistant, so it can withstand high temperatures in summer and temperatures below freezing in winter. Our paving won’t fade or discolour in sunlight.

Low maintenance: Our resin surfaces require minimum maintenance, so you won’t need to worry about a huge number of weeds or loose stone. In most cases, all you need to do is sweep the surface regularly and give it the occasional power wash.

Durability: Your SureSet resin driveway or carpark has a 21-year guarantee when installed by one of our approved installers or Global Partners. That said, a properly maintained driveway or carpark can last for more than 25 years.

SuDS compliant: SureSet resin bound paving is SuDS (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems) compliant. SuDS was introduced by the Environmental Agency after the disastrous 2007 floods to help manage water quality and flood risk. You don’t need to obtain planning permission for areas less than 5m² or if the paving material you use is permeable.

As you can see, SureSet resin bound paving is an excellent choice for driveways and carparks. Contact our friendly team for more weight baring technical data or information about installing or upgrading.

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