How can you create a more water efficient garden?

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Posted 24th April 2015 by Hugh Haines

As our climate continues to change and more areas in our environment are paved over with concrete, many gardeners are paying more and more attention to using less water in the garden.

Top garden designer Adam S Bailey shares 7 tips on how to make your garden water efficient:

  1. Choose drought tolerant plants – You don’t need thirsty plants to have beautiful foliage and vivid colours. With a little research you will find the perfect drought tolerant plant for every area of your garden and for every soil type.
  2. Use mulch – Mulch has a number of uses, including keeping weeds down, but most importantly putting a layer of mulch around the base of plants will help keep the area moist and will reduce water evaporation; which means that the water you do use goes further and does more good.
  3. Water intelligently – When you do water your plants, do it when the sun is not going to evaporate it all away. Watering in the early morning and evenings allows plants time to absorb all they need.
  4. Design paving areas with care – To ensure that rainwater soaks in to the ground where it is needed use permeable paving where possible. Using non-permeable paving causes surface water runoff, which will end up in the main drains – adding to an already overloaded system and doing nothing productive on the way.
  5. Cut out the lawn – Not every garden needs a big thirsty and maintenance intensive lawn. If you don’t need one why not replace all or some of it, with wild flowers and create a natural environment that will attract local wildlife?
  6. Water butts – Make reservoirs when the rain falls! Add water butts to your house and greenhouse – you’ll be amazed how much water will be collected!
  7. Group plants together – It not only looks good, but also helps reduce the amount of moisture that is wicked away by the wind. Placing a handful of shingle at the top of plant pots will also help the plants hang on to the water and means less watering for you.

We hope these tips helped. If you have any of your own that you would like to share, please let us know. 

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