Holiday Blues? Time to improve your outdoor spaces

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Posted 5th September 2017 by Ben Shave


Many of us are returning from our summer holidays at this time of year, feeling a bit down about going back to work and leaving the sunshine behind. Wherever you go for your holidays, you spend time in the great outdoors and it’s this connection with nature that makes you feel happy. Whether you’re looking out at the sea, the countryside or have a scenic alpine view, breathing in the fresh air and being able to sit outside and relax is what we miss most about being on holiday.

If you’ve got the holiday blues, then why not create your own beautiful outdoor space at home? While the British weather is unpredictable, temperatures should be warm enough for a couple of months to enjoy time in your garden. Give your grounds a makeover and you’ll be surprised at the impact it could have! Here are some top tips for improving your outdoor spaces and making them more inviting.

Sit and socialise

If you want to create a space which makes you want to spend more time outside, then you should start with a seating area. Think of the garden as an extension of your living space, somewhere where you can pass the time reading, birdwatching or listening to music. It’s also the perfect place for socialising if you have enough seats for your friends and family. Most gardens have a patio area for sitting and drinking or alfresco dining. Make it look attractive with patio paving which requires little maintenance and stands the test of time. Choose robust furniture which gives a relaxed atmosphere – if the space is big enough you could have two separate seating areas each with a different feel.

Flowers and features

The best way to make your garden more appealing is with colourful blooms and interesting features. If you’re green-fingered then you’ll know how to create vibrant flower beds and where to plant bushes and shrubs for the best effect. If you’re a gardening novice, then it’s best to start off with pots and hanging baskets. Even if you have a small garden with no lawn or planting areas, you can brighten up the space with pots and trailing flowers – get creative with crates and watering cans too. Additionally, water features and decorative elements can really make the garden feel like an extra room.

Finishing touches

Once you’ve revamped the main areas of the garden and finalised the garden landscape, it’s time to start thinking about the finishing touches. Solar fairy lights, hanging signs and lanterns are inexpensive ways to make an impact outdoors, and adding lighting allows you to enjoy the garden after darkness falls. Making a few changes can bring back that holiday feeling!

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