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Posted 27th October 2011 by Kevin Weston


Over the years we have established ourselves in the industry as the resin bound paving specialists. These blog posts will include input from people at all levels of the company from the technical knowledge and experience of the company’s founders to the honest opinions of team members that install the product on a daily basis.

We here at SureSet feel that there is still too much confusion surrounding the subject of resin bound paving. As the specialists in this field we feel it is our responsibility to put an end to this confusion. The purpose of this blog is to give you all the details you will possibly need to make an informed decision on the right surface solution for you.

Besides from keeping you all up to date with news of our company and the industry we will be hitting some of the key issues that surround resin bound paving. From making clear the differences between resin bonded and resin bound systems to going into the necessary details about the new building regulations and need for SUDS.

We hope you find this blog helpful and if there is ever any need for clarity feel free to leave feedback on our blog or contact us directly.